Booster Minutes

March 2019 Booster Club Meeting Minutes


Thank you to all volunteers who are working so hard this Spring. It is our busiest time for events; and everyone’s efforts are greatly appreciated.



The 5th Graders recently completed a book for an Ernie Marquez tribute. Their prompt was, “What does Canyon Meant to You? It was a beautiful reflection of our school and children.

Nicole submitted the school budget:

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April 2019 Booster Club Meeting Minutes


This is the penultimate Booster meeting for the school year.

  1. We will be making a big push for 100% participation in Annual Giving. We are 86% of our goal with 260 families donating so far.
  2. The annual Will Rogers beach picnic will be held after Memorial Day and therefore there will be swimming. We are asking Uplifters to offer food.
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February 2019 Booster Club Meeting Minutes


A link for our annual Booster parent survey will be sent out in this Sunday’s chronicle. The deadline to respond is March 1st

Book-fair is next week Feb 25th to March 1st, 7.45am to 3pm

We have had three recent successful parent tours. There are two more to come and they are quite large. If we need more volunteers, Yvette Carpenter will send out an email.

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November 2018 Booster Club Meeting Minutes

President’s Update (Leiauna Anderson) - Committee meetings will be the week after we get back from Thanksgiving break on November 29th and the next Governing Council Meeting will be on December 6th, so November and December will be combined due to the short months/holiday breaks. There will be one last Booster Club meeting of the year on Friday, December 14th before the winter recess.
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September 2018 Booster Club Meeting Minutes

President’s Update - Leiauna Anderson introduced Nick Melvoin

Special Guest Nick Melvoin, LAUSD District 4 Board Member Q&A

Introduction from Nick:

He grew up in the neighborhood and attended Kenter Canyon Elementary School.  He later was a middle school teacher in LAUSD at Markham Middle School.

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August 2018 Booster Club Meeting Minutes


Yesterday, Thursday August 23rd, was the first day of committee meetings. We are encouraging parent involvement, especially for the governing council. For dates of future meetings please look to the school calendar on the website. All committee meetings are listed there and fall on the second to last Thursday of each month. You must click on the actual date of meeting to see the list.

The school supply drive for School on Wheels had been extended until august 29th.

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May 2018 Booster Club Meeting Minutes

President's Report

A big thank-you to the auction and fiesta committees’ who added a lot of new people with big ideas resulting in great success: Auction 2017/2018 made $56k, while Fiesta made $37k.  

A call went out in the Canyon Chronicle for people to help with corporate sponsorship next year. No-one has responded so we are still looking for volunteers. Its purpose is to take the load off finding individual event sponsors, instead offering an annual package. This is an under utilized revenue stream for Canyon; we lag behind the other Palisades elementary schools in this area who all generate $50/60k per annum.

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April 2018 Booster Club Meeting Minutes

President’s Report:

Quick reports followed by in-depth look at budget for coming year. There is one more booster meeting to go this year, at which we will ratify positions for next year. We are still looking for a president-elect, and a director of large fund-raisers.

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February 2018 Booster Club Meeting Minutes

President’s Report:
Canyon Parent Survey Results
The Canyon Parent Survey had a participation rate of approximately 20% of the school family body – 60 families returned their surveys. At such a small participation rate it is hard to utilize the results to decide what is important to people.
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January 2018 Booster Club Meeting Minutes

President’s Announcements

We have reached the halfway point for the school year. Our annual giving is looking on track and we still have two of our biggest fundraisers to come: auction and fiesta.   A moment to be proud but also note what we still have left to do.

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October 2017 Booster Club Meeting Minutes

President’s Announcements

Thank you all for attending.

Community Events Update:

  1. Pumpkin Patch

We had a successful two day sale. Total sales -- $4407.38; Total expenses --  $1010.14; Total Net to Booster -- $3397.24

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September 2017 Booster Club Meeting Minutes

President’s Announcements (Beth Price)

Thursday October 19th is the Great American Shake-Out Drill. This is a nationwide program that will see Canyon put into practice its emergency plan on campus. We will role-play search & rescue, and request & reunion at the library gate. If you wish to be involved and help with the practice please show up; if you are on campus on Thursday you will be required to participate.

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