April 2016 Booster Club Meeting Minutes


In attendance:
Heather Goren
Alyssa Sullivan
Ellie King Kerpen
Kerry Kane
Amy Hopper
Maggie Melkounian
Kristen Minardos
Nicole Sheard
Lara Hasselhoff
Kim Weybright
Vessa Tontti
Jerry Deli
Kikka Hanazawa
Raquel Richter
Sean Mickey
Beth Price
Christie Goren
Julie Rasgon
Liz Jereski
Morina Lichstein
Deb Tractenberg

Amy called the meeting to order @ 8:20am and asked us to close our eyes and take deep cleansing breaths. The group then wrote down and shared moments of gratitude-what are we happy about when we come to Canyon?

We have 7 weeks of school left and we still have Fiesta/Auction and Olympics Day. Nicole has been busy with the charter office and budget. Traffic has also been a big issue. A group from the school has been in contact with WAZE telling them that this is a school zone and not to re-route people through the neighborhood. Julie will share an update at Governing Council about what’s being done about the traffic and Entrada changes.

Nicole thanked Amy for starting the meeting in that manner. This is our village and it takes a village re: traffic, Fiesta, etc. She also thanked the parents for support. She is working on budget with Booster Club and had to submit the budget to the district (balancing act: funds from district vs. funds from Booster). She had a visit from the Charter Oversight office yesterday (they make sure that the school is in compliance and doing everything that is in the charter). The rep. was at the school from 8:30am-4:30pm. It went well and she was impressed with the school and Canyon ranked 4 (highest) in all categories (i.e. governance, academics, school climate/socio emotional area). The rep. asked what does the school need help with? Nicole mentioned traffic and other obstacles with LAUSD.

Testing starts next week: 4th grade from 8:15-recess & 5th grade has CSTs and the following week 3rd grade starts testing (Smarter Balanced Assessments). Mrs. Cook (4th grade) is moving to Washington to be closer to her family and the hiring committee is starting interviews today to find a replacement.

The teachers and students are getting ready for testing. There will be no volunteers during testing weeks. 2nd graders took the OLSAT and we are waiting for results. For testing weeks, please make sure they sleep enough, eat healthy and get up early enough so that they’re not racing to school. But, don’t stress them out. Canyon kids do great.

GC elections are coming up (online survey monkey voting). There are 2 vacancies in the voting category. The traffic issues will be discussed at the next GC meeting. What is the best way to handle communications? Can we have a conference call so that working parents/parents that can’t make the meetings call in?

Kikka handed out the budget and the focus of the meeting is on next year’s budget.

Recap of proposed budget:
$672,000 on revenue side in response to increased expenses ($613,000-proposed expenses). Overall, no major change as far as expenses go (with the exception of the capital campaign that may need to be done for technology). The costs of aides (#1 on teacher’s and parent’s wishlists) have increased (aides just had a 20% raise-increase from $7,000 to $10,000 per aide) that was not budgeted for.

2015/2016-our expenses were $473,000, however this year some items were reclassified on the budget (i.e. $20,000 for classroom support). Little items we were budgeting for (i.e. PE supplies), were eliminated and they will be purchased by the parents (i.e. parents like buying Coach Joey’s equipment, books for the library, etc.). In the proposed budget, nothing is being cut and we are trying to maintain all existing programs. On the revenue side, we’ve done pretty well last year and will probably exceed the proposed budget this year. $600,000 last fiscal year and $545,000 was planned around this time last year. It was discussed that we should increase annual giving to what we actually spend per child.

There was a big discussion about increasing AG to focus on what is spent per child. This year it seems like parents are donating more money rather than volunteering, so why not up the ask?

What is the new proposed ask per student? $1,300 vs. actual of $1,551?

Vote on budget for next year: it was passed unanimously.

We are at 60% participation per student (not family)-approx. $300,000. If you don’t push people, they’re not going to give. We are one of the only schools in the area that doesn’t do levels (i.e. Platinum, Gold, etc.).

Beth thanked the group for understanding about the date change. We lost a little bit of momentum, so we are trying to rally people again. We need chili cook off entries and we really need volunteers as we are 35-40 shifts short (esp. in the afternoon). Things may have to be shut down if we don’t have enough volunteers. An e-blast was sent out last night and another e-blast will be sent out tonight. Advanced tickets will be sold in packets of 20 (cash, credit cards and checks accepted). There will be Kosher candy, Kosher boxed lunches and Kosher lollipops/cotton candy since the new date falls over Passover. Olympics Day is now squeezed even more since the date is so much closer. Something will also come from room parents in addition to the E blasts.

Wonderful feedback for the new website. For next year, we need somebody to do social networking and marketing, another person just to do the Chronicle and another person to do the website.

Morina will be sending out a “help wanted” for next year’s jobs.