January 2016 Booster Club Meeting Minutes

Liz Jereski, Julie Silliman, Rita Hsiao, Noya Goudar, Kerry Kane, Julie Rasgon, Lara Hasselhoff, Beth Price, Denise Longarzo, Deb Tractenberg, Elmonia King Kerpen, Katje Davis, Kikka Hanazawa, Tara King-Haagen, Kim Weybright, Amy Montalba, Catherine Brackey, Amy Hopper

  • Great turnout today. Annual giving is going well and a lot of people are taking advantage of the stock 
  • No Principal's message today as Nicole is at jury duty.
  • We are gearing up for Jump Rope for Heart.

  • The GC needs a new Secretary and the Santa Monica Canyon Association needs a Canyon School rep. as 
  • Julie will no longer be at Canyon next year and needs a replacement. The Association is currently working to repair Entrada. She is also looking for a person to be a liaison with Rustic Canyon Park.
  • Treasurer’s report was passed out as of 1/1/16. In line with fundraising budget. Annual Giving –great push in December. Dollar wise, we are pretty good compared to last year. 54% of fundraising goal overall. 69% to goal for AG ($228,320 vs. $330,000) with 46% participation (182/397 students). Budget committee is being formed, so if interested, contact Amy Hopper since the budget has to be submitted in March. Deb Tractenberg suggested having a push to say what is in jeopardy if we don’t reach our goal. Shift gears and take a look at expenses (this year and next year). What are we spending the $$ on? Great charts in handout. Planned Spending per student chart was highlighted. Per Amy, a survey will be sent out to the Canyon community soon (parents wants vs. teachers wants vs. what the kids need). Denise Longarzo suggested that in lieu of a “long” survey, have a question or topic of the week sent out to everybody. 
  • We are going to do another push in the next month. An updated list is being put together and sent to the ambassadors. A blast will be put together and sent out in the next few weeks. Capital campaign for digital learning was discussed since we get very little support from LAUSD. We want to put together an expanded Technology Committee (can even be virtual meetings). Please provide talking points and graphs to the ambassadors instead of the long narrative. 
  • Contact Christie Goren to help with school tours which are starting up again next week.

  • Monday next week-1st auction donation form will be sent in. Assembly on 1/29, pitch will be given there. Will have a volunteer kick off meeting on 2/2 and something will also be sent out in the Chronicle. Everybody who is chairing something NEEDS to also have a shadow. Dollar goal-around $50,000 for Auction (date is 4/22-same as Fiesta). 4/10 is auction deadline. 
  • Jump Rope for Heart-launching around the same time-stressing more hearth health as opposed to money donations to the American Heart Association (national event in conjunction with Valentine’s Day). 
  • The committee who did Party Book needs people to take over. We need to get a lot in place by the end of this year so it is not a panicked time at the beginning of the school year. GLOW was great but we are trying to come up with themes to do it a bit earlier (Maybe Last Blast of Summer Beach Party with limbo contests, Hawaiian shirt contests). Maybe we should go with an Adult only party? 
  • Olympics Day-we are doing some combined Corporate Sponsorship opportunities. We have a great printer now (giving us great prices).
  • Jake Neuberg discussing Growth Mindset-1/29 @ 8:45am in the Auditorium.
  • Banner Update-redoing the design to bring down the cost. Then will be presented to GC and Booster to vote. Most likely go to Landscape meeting also.
  • We are launching a new website (should be this month). We needed it to be a better and safer site. Kikka helped set it up. We are generating $300,000-$400,000 online annually and need a more secure online website. Whoever will do the back end, it will be so much easier. It will be a professional ecommerce site (i.e. 24/7 customer service). This will cost approx. $40 per month.
  • We have been having traffic issues. Breezeway has been closed (so only 2 access points). Safety rep. from district who walked the perimeter of the school and Entrada (with Nicole and Julie) will submit findings to the DOT. We are advocating to have the city do something to block the right lane on Entrada since people aren’t supposed to use it. There has been an effort to control the homeless population-Full Time social workers have been assigned to handle the issue. $200,000 has been raised in the Palisades for this effort. Bi-Annually they do a homeless count (county wide) to figure out the population. The greatest population is on the bluffs on PCH. There have been fires that risk homes and close PCH, so the city has been aggressive. The neighborhood around the school (also past the fire road) where the parents park is really unhappy with Canyon parents driving too fast, not using stop signs, etc. 
  • We need a President next year! 
  • Amy has a whole box of financial files (7 years worth) for Booster that need to be locked up. Does anybody have an old file box that can be donated? 

MEETING ADJOURNED @ 9:19am (Beth Price moved to adjourn and Kim Weybright also moved to adjourn).

  • 2/5 - Jump Rope for Heart Launch
  • 2/18 - Booster Club Meeting @ 6:30pm, Marix (118 Entrada Dr.)