August 2015 Booster Club Meeting Minutes


Kerry Kane, Kikka Hanazawa, Christy Lowe, Dustin Hall, Michael Klein, Tara King-Haggen, Etmonia King Kerpen, Gwen Rehnborg, Beth Price, Deb Tractenberg, Sara Klenoff, Noya Gondar, Amy Hopper, Catherine Brackey, Lara Haselhoff, Leiauna (Lei) Anderson, Morina Lichstein, Catherine von Goetz, Christie Goren, Kari Richardson, Mary Nadler, Summer Shoucair, Lilian Velado, Yasmin Yaghmai, Jerry Deli, Sean Mickey

The meeting was called to order at 8:20am in the Auditorium


  • Welcomed and thanked everyone for coming
  • Announced meeting schedule alternating evening meetings at Marix and morning meetings in the library 2015-2016
BUDGET (Amy Hopper)
  • We need an Accountant
  • Treasurer position has always been a volunteer
  • Our budget is too large to continue with a part-time volunteer
  • The intention is to have an up-to-date report at every meeting once we have an accountant
  • No budget review at this meeting due to our lack of accountant

ANNUAL GIVING (Deb Tractenberg & Lara Haselhoff)

  • We voted that this year’s annual giving ask will be $1200, based on how much Booster spends per child and feedback from the survey.
  • Deposits will be made September 1st as it is the 1st day of our fiscal calendar
  • Discussed payment plan, giving what you can and how we spend Booster money VOLUNTEERS (Morina Lichstein)
  • Always need more volunteers
  • Something for everyone
  • Fill out the “time and talent” sheet in your back to school papers
  • Still looking for a President Elect CANYON PARTNERS (Kerry Kane)
  • Sign up for Amazon using our shopping link NOT Amazon Smiles
  • We get 4-15% return from our link and only .5% from Amazon Smiles
  • Ralphs & Vons need to be renewed every year
  • Flyers need to be approved by Nicole before distributing
  • 9/6 Yogurt Shoppe Fundraiser 5-7p
  • October CPK fundraiser all day
  • Discussed sharing information across all events, creating real Canyon Partners
  • This discussion led to Banner Program discussion


  • History: versions of the Banner Progam have been mentioned in both Governing Council and Booster for the past 3 years. Last year, due to the California Incline closure, the idea of banners became more urgent and Michael Guttentag offered to get the program off the ground.
  • Jerry Deli made a comment that the Banner Program was never voted on in Booster or Governing Board and that leadership made an executive decision which isn’t the right way to make decisions that effect our community, both school and extending community
  • We discussed that Booster is making changes with Leadership, and being more inclusive of all Booster members and Governing Council, as well as, sharing more responsibility with Governing Council.
  • There is a meeting with Canyon Community members on September 2nd at 11am. To discuss the program both visually and financially.
  • Kikka Hanazawa offered to help recruit businesses for the banner program when things are up and running
  • Beth called a meeting with the Large Event chairs and asked that they work together to share contacts and consolidate resources ie: printers, food vendors, party supplies
  • Glow Party is our first event on 10/9, LAUSD has liability rules and we need to get permits to hold the party at school. Paperwork should be signed by someone on Booster Club Leadership as they are covered by the insurance.


  • Catherine Brackey reminded us that the Room Parent meeting is 9/1 in the Library 815am
  • Back to school night is an important night, pay attention to Room Parent info and volunteer for liaisons positions
  • 5th grade had a meeting to discuss finances for the year. They made $1000 selling goodies at the GLOW party. They are brainstorming other ways to make money for Astro Camp and Culmination


  • 8/28 last day to turn in back to school night packet
  • 9/3 Back to School Night
  • 9/6 Yogurt Shoppe Fundraiser 5-7p
  • 9/17 Governing Board 2p, Room 9
  • 9/17 Booster Club Meeting 6:30p, Marix Tex Mex Meeting

Adjourned 9:30am