October 2015 Booster Club Meeting Minutes


Nicole Sheard, Amy Hopper, Kim Weybright, Julie Silliman, Deb Trachtenberg, Liz Jereski, Rose Okumoto, Lara Hasselhoff, Beth Price, Michael Guttentag, Kerry Kane, Morina Lichstein, Amy Montalba, Dustin Hall, Noya Goudar, Sean Mickey, Kikka Hanazawa, Tamar Malley-Hill


Amy called the meeting to order at 8:26am. She thanked everybody for the Glow/Party Book party. She also thanked everybody for volunteering in general and being so generous with their time.


Nicole said that we are scheduled for our Great Shake Drill at 10:30am today. They go through Search and Rescue, First Aid section, Psych. Section, Incident Command Section, etc. Canyon is currently piloting a computer program called Dream Box (has received good feedback) that would replace Jiji Math. It is aligned to Common Core and Smarter Balanced Assessments. Dream Box adapts according to a child’s skill level and what they have mastered.  Kids can go on the Dream Box website at home (but it’s not aligned with their school account) but instructions will not be sent home yet until the school decides to purchase it. Interim assessments are happening (3 math & 3 language arts) in the classrooms (1st math assessment for grades 3- 5 will be next week and will use the same platform as Smarter Balanced). K-2 will have written assessments.


Walk to school was a huge success. 260 vs. 400 students walked to school, biked or used their scooters. We are going through the Student Council elections right now-classes are watching the videos for the candidates. Tomorrow, the President Elects will give their live speeches at the assembly and the voting ends tomorrow.


The GC has been trying to have an agenda in advance with topics posted on the website. Karen Lucente takes great narrative style minutes, so they are always available to read. They are trying to integrate Booster and GC committees (good example is the Banner Program). Amy noted that it is very important to work hand in hand.


Kikka handed out the Academic Year 2015/16 budget vs actual (please note it is different from fiscal year financial statements). Amy said that we needed the minutes for the meeting for the new bank. We need to take a vote that Amy is the President and that Kikka is the Treasurer.

Votes for Amy Hopper as President: 1st Beth Price, 2nd Lara Haselhoff, 3rd Michael Guttentag

Votes for Kikka Hanazawa for Treasurer: 1st Beth Price, 2nd Kerry Kane, 3rd Debbie Tractenberg


At the beginning of last year we budgeted net revenues of $472,000 (14/15 academic year actual expenses were $422,000). We needed to raise more due to teacher raises needed for academic year 2015/16 which is payable in 2014/15 fiscal year.

This year’s budget fundraising goal of $546,000 (net) should not be difficult to achieve given what we were able to achieve last year@ $546,000. The extra $$ last year was used to pay for additional expenses (i.e. teacher’s raises, etc, of academic year 15/16.).


Booster-10% allocated for Admin costs. 90% of costs or $473,000 will all go to benefit students which is great for a non-profit (very low operating expenses). Please note expenses do not include capital investment, such as purchase of computers, which will be done additionally this year, and we need to start thinking ahead-i.e. Digital Learning Committee/Computer Capital Campaign needs, etc (as this year is the last year the computer capital campaign from 5 years ago).

Beth Price suggested adding in a contingency and to put in the minutes what do we do with the money if not used. Kikka agreed and this is on her agenda to be discussed with Nicole next week. Tamar asked if we have ever had a contingency before (since we have been short in certain areas in past years).



Silent Auction-$45,000

Party Book-$55,000


Olympics Day-$47,500

Contingency? Kikka proposed 10,000 based on last year’s extra expenses

Kikka thanked Yvette Carpenter and her team for Canyon Gear and for her meticulous record keeping for many of the campaigns including Annual Giving. Canyon Gear $7,200 vs. $4,000 budget. Annual Giving is doing really well. 40% of our annual budget has been raised already. Amy stated that our budget has grown so much and thanked Kikka for her forensic accounting. Our #1 goal this year is transparency so everybody knows how every dollar is spent. Deb also noted that Kikka set up a database for fundraising and donating. This will help us to know who hasn’t given in what classes, who gave what, etc. Beth also stated that we can then start an alumni fund.

Kikka is working with Janice and Mahtab (both CPAs /former treasurers) during the transition as Booster Club needs to file tax returns by the end of this month.

ANNUAL GIVING UPDATE (Lara Hasselhoff & Debbie Trachtenberg)

Annual Giving has raised $143,000 (43% of goal). She and Deb will be having a meeting with all of the classroom ambassadors to get to 50% by the end of the year. Kerry brought up that somebody asked her why Booster isn’t asking for $1,400 per person. Lara stated that we will slowly be increasing our ask every year. Liz suggested emphasizing participation rather than dollar amount. Deb stated that this year the goal is to work on systems and to find a different/easier way to give (other than going through our website). Kerry gave an idea to have an AG table up at Party Book and that people could just put a “sticker” down (maybe this can be done at Fiesta/Silent Auction). Noya suggested a new fundraiser called “Crowdrise” where the classrooms raise money and compete with each other. Kikka said that we are at 32% (129 students vs. 400 students). Kerry suggested thermometers per classroom for AG.

BANNER PROGRAM (Michael Guttentag)

To define-signage on the exterior fencing of the school. They have presented an idea to the Governing Council and they said we can move forward. They met with Landscape & Design Committee-Design (the committee was comfortable), Construction (still being worked on by Mike-construction design needs to be made so that Nicole can run it by LAUSD) and Policy (to determine the general rules). Amy gave some history for the Banner Program and how important it is to go through the proper channels. Julie suggested running this by the neighborhood groups. Dustin asked for a timeframe and the goal is for next Fall since this cannot be rushed. Julie wants to take advantage of the extra traffic in the Canyon caused by the Incline Closure. Kerry stated that there is a Component that ties into Canyon Partners. She recently met with a tutoring business who wants to give a % to the school. There is a meeting after this meeting today on how to move forward with corporate sponsorships in the meantime (to talk about all of the different ways that we can promote businesses). Also, realtors have expressed an interest in giving a % of their sales but Dustin said that the realtors at our school/that have sponsored previously (i.e. inthecanyon.com) are not interested (i.e. they donate to the schools in other ways such as corporate sponsorships, Annual Giving, etc.). Julie stated that it is optional participation. Beth stated that it needs to be made clear that there are different sponsorships at different levels (like for Fiesta). Dustin described how the Mar Vista Power Brokers program worked. Amy said that this can be discussed further at the next meeting.


GLOW/Party Book Wrap Up

We can report on some #’s and not others. There is a problem with Clicksource and not all numbers have been reported (but the parties have been accounted for). GLOW will have a profit (5th grade had a portion of that and did very well). Party Book goes on all year if the parties aren’t sold out and money trickles in throughout the year and some random parties can pop up throughout the year. $70,000 worth of credit card transactions were run before expenses and the total will be $62,000-$65,000 ($10,000 more than budgeted) after expenses. Feedback-challenging evening for parents with smaller kids/not enough supervision and the party volume was too loud. They tried to have a more contained area for safety and so that lighting didn’t have to be brought in. Overall, a smashing success. Shout outs to all the team members because they knocked it out of the park. Next year, TA’s may be hired to help out with supervision.


Pumpkin Patch Update

Pumpkins are due to arrive soon (maybe today).  There will also be a teacher wish list and bake sale. New this year will be a free photo op. tent (to take pictures to upload to the Facebook page). They will be giving away coloring pages, etc. The prices will be lowered $5 per pumpkin from last year ($5, $10, $15, $20). They need more volunteers.


7pm, Palisades High School, Speaker: Wendy Mogul (author of Blessings of a Skinned Knee)

Inbal worked hard to get her-please tell all of your friends. There will be a ticket price and she will be selling her book (Canyon will get a % of book sales) and doing a signing.

CANYON GEAR (Yvette Carpenter)

See above.

VOLUNTEERS (Morina Lichstein)

Everybody do your best to volunteer and to provide volunteer leadership. Amy also noted that we need a President Elect. A question was asked about how the Amazon link is doing-$1,000 as of 3 or 4 weeks ago.


We were supposed to get a whole new platform for our website since it’s outdated. Amy will be discussing this with Lissa before the next meeting.


For 4th and 5th graders, Denise Longarzo will be running an Entrepenuership Program-after school on Tuesday and Journalism will be on Tuesdays also.

Julie is on the Santa Monica Canyon Neighborhood Association and asked if anybody is interested in taking over for her since she is a 5th grade parent? You would be in the know on everything that impacts the neighborhood (i.e. water meters are going “wi-fi”). Dustin is representing Canyon on the Pacific Palisades Community Council.



  • 10/15 Shake Drill & Governing Council Meeting 2pm, Room 9
  • 10/19-10/29-Food Drive Poster Contest
  • 10/19-10/23-Pumpkin Patch & Bake Sale
  • 10/23-Assemby 8:15am, 5th Grade Presenting
  • 11/17-Book Fair Week
  • 11/17-Parent Ed., 7pm, Palisades High School, Speaker: Wendy Mogul
  • 11/19-Booster Club Meeting 6:30pm @ Marix Tex Mex