April 2017 Booster Club Meeting Minutes

April 28, 2017

Attendees: Bonnie Lerhoff, Amy Montalba, Jay Grosson, Morina Lichstein, Beth Price, Kikka Hanazawa, Nicole Sheard, Lara Hasselhoff, Mike Guttentag, Kim Weybright, Ladan Soomekh, Rima Thierry, Kerry Kane, Lei Anderson, Alyssa Sullivan, Elise Edwards

President’s Announcements-Morina Lichstein
Welcome to our 2 nd to last meeting of the year. On May 26th we will have our final meeting/Volunteer Appreciation meeting. We will also be voting on our new slate of officers. Beth Price is our President Elect. At this meeting, we will be presenting our budget which was influenced by the parent survey. We are thinking of new ways to get a better response rate on our surveys (i.e. ability to use your phone, etc.). We are continuing our fundraising efforts and it was agreed that there will be a small increase in the budget/small increase in annual giving for next year. A lot of people on the survey commented: Thank you, keep up the good work, etc.

Principal's Report-Nicole Sheard
Open House was a great success last night. Next week is Staff Appreciation Week where we shower our teachers and aides with appreciation ending with a nice luncheon on Friday, 5/5. College Day is next week on Friday, 5/5. This is Canyon’s 1st year doing a College Day, so this will be a new tradition! Each student will decorate their own pennant. The week after next is testing week: grades 3-5 for the 1st week, 2nd week-grades 3 & 4 (5th grade is at Astro Camp), 3rd week is 5th grade only. Please encourage people to keep up with the communications disseminated from the school. Our goal is to have testing done each day by recess (testing will start after attendance). The addition of the Chrome Books will make testing go very smoothly this year.

Treasurer’s Report & Budget Presentation-Kikka Hanazawa
This is the end of Kikka’s 2 year term and her replacement is an incoming Kindergarten mom who runs financial services companies.
 2016-2017 goal: 73% currently (combined fundraisers and Annual Giving).
 We only have 2 more fundraisers to go.
 Kikka presented the proposed budget for 2017/2018.
 Annual Giving increase will be modest at 2.7%. Major fundraisers income will need to grow to $300,000 next year to support our expense growth.
 70% of total $150,000 increase (9% annual growth) comes from the increase in payroll (teacher/aide expenses).
Student spending (student programs, computers, admin. costs) has grown from $1,200 (3 years ago) to $1,700 (includes computers-funded from the reserve money).
 The Annual Giving minimum ask will be between $1,300-$1,500 (final figure will be decided over the summer). The suggested ask may be $1,600.
 Approx. 5% increase projected for the fundraising budget. This year, we have raised 73% to goal leaving out our last 2 major fundraisers (Fiesta and Auction).
 Next year we hope to see accelerated growth in Canyon Partners income.
 95% of revenues come from our top 5 fundraisers and business sponsors.
 For proposed program expenses, approx. 5% increase is proposed (main increase comes from payroll expenses, i.e. classroom support).

Teacher’s Report-Doug Stoll
Open House was great and Mr. Stoll had many Kindergarten students visiting his classroom. Thank you for another fantastic year.

Governing Council Report-N/A

Annual Giving Update-Lara Hasselhoff
 In the last 2 weeks, there has been a big push by the Ambassadors.
 Annual Giving Status-we are at 58% participation, 229/395 student which equates to 79% of our goal $300,976/$380,000.
 Typical participation is in the 80% range by the end of the year.
 A public thank you list will be disseminated soon.
 Just to clarify, the donation amount is confidential (not even the Ambassadors know what amount people donate). The only people that know the amount donated by families are the Annual Giving Ambassadors.

Major Fundraisers Update – Fiesta & Auction – Alyssa Sullivan & Beth Price
Fiesta and Auction are on 5/21. We are doing well for Auction, but we need more! Esp. tangible items-kids items, baskets, kids toys, clothing, jewelry, etc. There is a deadline extension for Auction and it is now Friday, 5/5. The Fiesta banners will be going up next week. Sponsorship, Volunteer SUG (170 shifts to fill) and Bring a Thing boxes will be pushed this weekend in the Chronicle.

Canyon Partners Update – Kerry Kane
We are at $22,000 this year (mostly coming from Amazon), which is amazing! 2 years ago, this amount was $5,000. Kerry is working with Beth on the Banner Program to sell the banners for the fences next year.

Volunteers Update
We are looking very good on the volunteer front for next year. We need 1 new parent volunteer to replace Inbal for next year in Governing Council (an election needs to happen).

Booster Added By-laws Vote
The new By-Laws:
1. Canyon Charter Booster Club should have no direct employees. Approval is necessary by vote to ratify any change to this policy and the costs associated with that change. Canyon Charter Booster Club plans to have no employees as it does not maintain payroll taxes, workers compensation insurance, or tax obligations in compliance with State and Federal law.
2. Any school Enrichment Program contractors must be paid directly through STAR or the school, not through Canyon Charter Booster Club. Any contractor that the booster club funds through a grant to the school must follow all regulations, provide their own insurance and comply with all State and Federal tax laws.

3. Canyon Charter Booster Club shall not own or maintain any physical assets. Any physical property of the booster club shall be donated to Canyon Charter School.

4. Canyon Charter Booster Club never raises or pays funds for volunteer thank you gifts. Committees may choose among themselves to give a card and flowers, gather for a night out, or host a wrap party. All of this is voluntary, at the discretion of the individual team, and happens organically without use of Canyon Charter Booster Club funds or outside solicitations.

Beth moved to approve the by-laws and Alyssa seconded the motion.