April 2019 Booster Club Meeting Minutes

Ashley Vilgiate, Nicole Sheard, Sherry Ikebe, Lily Velado, Alissa Sullivan, Allie Torgan, Elissa Phillips, Leiauna Anderson, Frank Langan, Amy Montalba, Rachael Kuhnert, Andrew Wolfberg, Samira Danesh


This is the penultimate Booster meeting for the school year.

  1. We will be making a big push for 100% participation in Annual Giving. We are 86% of our goal with 260 families donating so far.
  2. The annual Will Rogers beach picnic will be held after Memorial Day and therefore there will be swimming. We are asking Uplifters to offer food.


EXPENSE INCREASE: A lot of our expenses are increasing in price next year. This means total Booster expenses have increased from $606,000 to $630,000. This includes increases in compensation for the aides, as well as teachers. It also includes an increase for computer and drama programs. Additionally, Booster is committed to $30k for new teacher laptops, as well as two Chromebooks that are needed for kinder.


ARTS ANGEL FUND: As we are capped out on what we can realistically ask each family for Annual Giving, Booster will be launching a separate fundraiser called the Arts Angel Fund. This program will look to families who can, and would like, to give more. This opens up donations from grandparents as well as interested community members. The Angels program will seek to raise an additional $100,000 (currently Booster is projected to have only $6k in reserves for the coming year.) Levels will be open from $5000, up to $20,000. This capital campaign will open mid-May. Donations will be acknowledged in some form. Note, these donations can not be earmarked by the givers – Booster has a priorities list that need covering.


DRAMA: Drama will be added as a year-round subject for all grades for the coming year. This is now a reporting card subject.

Note, gardening has been cut as a subject. The program was not working in the form it was in, and replacement programs were prohibitively expensive: $30,000 and above. This is not an expense Booster can cover right now. Frank Langen – would like gardening to go back to a “grass-roots” effort by interested parents, as a simple way to involve our kids in nature.  


ANNUAL GIVING:  A motion was proposed to revert back to the name ANNUAL GIVING versus BFF’s. The motion was set by Nicole Sheard, seconded by Leiauna Anderson, and carried by the board.

As a method to ensure AG reaches its goal next year, several changes were suggested:

  1. It will be featured at the beginning of the year more heavily, especially on back to school night.
  2. Outreach will be more thorough, including personal phone calls to families who have not yet given, by a small group of volunteers. Room parents will also email those families.


Family sponsorship underwent a last minute push, as did Bring-A-Thing.

Many Canyon families asked if their high-school students could volunteer. Unfortunately by that point the roster was full. Next year there will be an announcement in the Chronicle prior to announcing at the local high schools.


GOVERNING COUNCIL: An announcement will be made in the Chronicle that one Governing Council spot is opening up, as well as two alternate positions.  (Maya Forbes is at the end of her two-year appointment.)

CANYON REBUILD PROJECT: The Community meeting regarding the Canyon rebuild went well. The first phase was slated to start in the summer, but has been pushed and will start either in the winter break or the following summer of 2020.

A presentation for the second phase was given; it is still in the planning phase; a powerpoint will go up on school website once Nicole receives it. It seems likely the build will commence in 2021, however they still need to raise funds. The administration is very impressed with the level of consideration given to the history of the Canyon in the architectural plans. The plans include a new entrance to school, as well as significant removal and replanting of trees (removal of 23 but addition of 60+.) Note, Frank Langen asked for special attention to be paid to addition of Sycamore Trees as historically appropriate.

STATE TESTING: Commences week of April 29th. First week is for 5th grade; second for 3-5th language arts; third for 3rd-4th grade math, and then 5th grade for the final week. Testing takes place every morning until recess – no parent volunteers are allowed on campus during this period. NO paper scores will be sent out; students/ parents will be required to go online to receive the scores.

TREASURY SECRETARY: Elissa Phillips has volunteered to be our treasury secretary for another two years. Vote: Lei motioned, Alyssa seconded. Vote carried.

LAUSD ACTIVE SHOOTER TRAINING was given to all staff last week.

Finally, thank-you to the auction and fiesta committees. The events take an enormous amount of work and we are all truly grateful.


In good shape. Will be held in auditorium starting at 11am. Live now. Reminder to send out to friends and families. All online bidding. Will close at 3pm.


All banners have been sold, including an additional five. The banners will rotate from front of school to the corner and back to give new banners opportunity to be at front.


June 4th, there will be a special local election for a parcel tax. All to go to LAUSD to pay for things promised in contract. A document is coming home on Monday that will discuss.