April 2018 Booster Club Meeting Minutes

ATTENDEES: Allie Targan, Susanne Avidsson, Amy Montalba, Alyssa Sullivan, Leiana Anderson, Julie Rasgon, Lara Haselhoff, Chad Billmyer, Kari Richardson, Yvette Carpenter, Nicole Sheard, Beth Price, Rachael Kuhnert

President’s Report:

Quick reports followed by in-depth look at budget for coming year. There is one more booster meeting to go this year, at which we will ratify positions for next year. We are still looking for a president-elect, and a director of large fund-raisers.

Principal’s Report:

This time of year is a scramble for the teachers in upper grades (3rd thru 5th) who must transition the classroom from Open School Night presentations and displays to making sure classrooms are ready for testing environment. To help ease this it is being considered to have Open Night earlier in the calendar.

The school has finalized its budget. One bright note, a co-ordinator/intervention teacher has been approved for the coming year. This role is a priority for the school to ensure that no child slips through the cracks. The co-ordinator’s role will be to pull struggling kids into small groups and give a helping hand.

Open School Night was a tremendous success. The science & engineering fair was especially spectacular, with sixty children from 4th & 5th grade participating. There was also a new engineering component. We may expand for next year and have on a different night to Open School.

Staff appreciation week is here during which our teachers will be showered with love.

Annual Giving Update (Lara Hasselhoff)

A reminder that the year’s goal for AG is $380k. We are currently at $311,427. Still need 68k. But we’re onfident we’ll reach that as last year we had over $200k to go at this point. There will be an after-fiesta push, during which families that have not yet given will be reached out to.

Governing Council

The council is looking for two new parent representatives. Julie Lee and Amy Hopper have finished their respective two year terms. Maya Forbes remains for another year. The search will be announced in the chronicle. It is a once a month commitment at 2pm on a weekday. The self-nominations period lasts two weeks, followed by a vote.

Canyon Partners Update

The banners are up! We would like to segue into one committee to handle all corporate sponsorship across all fundraising events. The idea being yearly packages being offered rather than event by event.

Fifth Grade Activities/ Book Fair

This year’s Green Book Fair received approximately 10,000 donated books! Of these 1400 were sold for a dollar a piece, raising $1400. The remaining books will be donated to organizations in need. Overall it was a huge success and will be continued next year.

Every year 5th grade undertakes fundraising for their specific activities. It was recently discovered that there was an amount of money left over from fundraising last year. This raises the issue of how to allocate this “rollover” money, and also draft a policy so that no ethical issues occur over such allocation -- Booster is aware that 5th grade parents do not donate and raise money with the intention that some of it will be used for the following years’ 5th graders. However there is always a need for a certain cushion of rollover money for scholarships for astrocamp costs etc. Yvette and Beth will go back to the 5th grade parents to discuss and then propose a policy for Booster to put in place, and make the parents aware of it.  

Note, Nicole commented having such extra money is a rarity.

Teacher’s Report  (Mr Stoll)

Thank you for fundraising that all the parents do. Over campus on back to school night the teachers felt happy and supported. Nicole does a great job keeping all teachers informed and communicating what is going on.

The 5th grade play was a great success. It allows room for kids being different learners; some have difficulty with public speaking and putting on the play helped facilitate forward movement for those kids. This is because of Booster; thank you for the work that you do. Beth responded in kind with thanks for the teachers and the incredible job they do.


The annual Booster budget has been set. But please note it is a living thing, amenable to modifications, revision and changes as needed.  Please don’t be scared to vote to approve as it can be amended.


  1. The School Beautification budget has been cut as renovation of the school by the district is set to happen in three years. The district is also now taking care of the sports field which is in better shape that when booster paid a private contractor.
  2. We have 395 students projected for next school year.
  3. Annual Giving has been kept the same for next year with a $10k cushion. However, this is under review as the AG request may be raised next year.
  4. Party book budget was at $75k; we have raised $60k year to date so we have lowered it to match this.
  5. Fiesta budget has been kept the same.
  6. Olympics day did really well this year so we have increased to $70k.
  7. Canyon partners hit $25k. We lost our amazon partnership (went to 1% on smile from 4% profit share)
  8. Canyon wear was budgeted at $12k but we raised $8k, so will keep it at $8k.
  9. Outside/ community contributions are already at $12k guaranteed for next year.
  10. Our pumpkin patch number has come down; while book fair has stayed the same.
  11. Revenue from interest income has gone up because the money is locked in CDs for six months.
  12. Overall net revenues is less than a 1% increase from last year: from $680,500 to $700,500


  1. Administrative expenses have gone down because more now covered by the district. Accounting related expenses came down.
  2. Art costs have gone up with Ms. Haskell teaching more classes.
  3. The learning lab has been replaced by intervention.
  4. Cost of classroom aides is a big jump from $105k to $150k. This is because LAUSD’s process of approving aides is so slow it takes two months at the beginning of the school year for them to start. Booster has picked up more of the cost and we pay via STAR who approves the aides in a faster manner. This extra cost for booster is offset by the school paying for other things that they can buy. Overall it balances out. Note STAR debits this money from the booster account every month and the aides are not booster employees.  
  5. Substitute teachers and IT costs are now covered by the district.
  6. Gardening has gone up as now a consultant teaching every class.
  7. Librarian is now covered by the district.

Last year’s budget was net $44,700. This year we are at $13,118. But note a lot of the fundraising that is taking place right now will support the costs of next year.

Booster hopes to build up a surplus that can cover technology needs & costs as machines age out.

Motion to Vote on approval of Budget was proposed by Lei Anderson. Chad Billmyer seconded it, and it was approved unanimously.