August 2018 Booster Club Meeting Minutes

IN ATTENDANCE:  Leiauna Anderson, Nicole Sheard, Rachael Kuhnert, Elissa Philips, Amanda Rosen-Prinz, Suzanna Arvidsson, Yasmin Yaghmai, Chad Billmyer, Rima Thierry, Mila Daraz, Martin Daraz, Ms. Ikebe, Allie Targan, Sarah Horne, Megan Brancato, Bryan Kreuzberger


Yesterday, Thursday August 23rd, was the first day of committee meetings. We are encouraging parent involvement, especially for the governing council. For dates of future meetings please look to the school calendar on the website. All committee meetings are listed there and fall on the second to last Thursday of each month. You must click on the actual date of meeting to see the list.

The school supply drive for School on Wheels had been extended until august 29th.


The school year is off to a great start, perhaps the smoothest ever. Partly this is due to the fact that we have started the school year with all class aides already in place; which is in turn due to the fact that we processed them through Star rather than LAUSD. The process through Star takes several weeks versus months for LAUSD. Started with all aides in all classrooms. It’s also worth noting we have only had two staff departures over the summer.

Staff Changes:

Ms. Mona Huizar is now the testing co-ordinator. She will oversee student support and has opened a reading academy for students who need extra help.

Ms. April Walker is our new Kinder teacher taking over from Mrs. Hamilburg. She is a welcome asset to Canyon.

A reminder that Back To School night is a parent only event.


Thank you booster for the classroom funds that have received. It lightens the financial load when prepping for school year knowing that the supplies teachers go out of pocket to purchase for their classrooms will be reimbursed.

Question:  why are teachers spending money out of own pockets?

Nicole responded: The district supplies necessary basics, but teachers like decorations for class, special books, curricula programs that aren’t district. The money they spend ranges from $200-1000. Booster and class fund reimburse up to $500. This is why we recommend amazon wish lists for the teachers so that parents can make direct purchases. But teachers like the classroom to be ready for first day, and then not to burden parents on having to buy hyper specific things for the classroom.

Ms. Ikebe: While it may sound like the teachers are spending a lot of extra money, it is all in support of what the classes already have. We acknowledge that Canyon has a smart student population who like to be challenged and a lot of this money goes toward extra programs for that purpose.


All volunteers are in place for the coming school year. That said, we encourage anyone with specific talents/ interests to sign up and volunteer – there is always room available. Contact Yasmin!


We are rolling out a new directory called MySchoolAnywhere. At time of meeting, only ten students had not been enrolled. Once these stragglers are onboard, login information will be sent out school-wide. Please not this is a brand new system so please be patient.

Also the Canyon Chronicle remains the primary mode of communication. The goal is to send it out by noon on Sunday. Some families have not been receiving it. If this is the case for you, please check spam etc. If this still does not resolve contact Amanda directly.


A refresher on what GC is: The school’s individual committees discuss school ideas,  e.g. should we have a gardening program? Such an idea is then floated to the staff body, after which it makes its way to the governing council to vote. Decisions are made, and Nicole gives a report. Each committee chair gives a report on what discussing etc. Governing Council takes place the last Thursday of every month @2pm.

BFFS (Chad Billmyer)

Annual Giving has been rebranded as the “Booster Fund for Faculty and Student Essentials. So far we have brought in $26,000 from 23 families. Note our target is to raise $1825 per student. Funds raised this year will be spent on the children next year. Anything raised over and above our target goes to a new technology fund, which will be drawn upon to replace school student technology as it ages out.

A minority of families make up a majority of the dollars we need to raise. If you have capacity to give more please do. It really make a difference in booster hitting its goal for the year.

Because the fiscal year ends on august 31st not sure at this point what it looks like year on year.

Corporate matching was discussed. Another local school sneds out a list of corporations that will match parents school donations. Most people are unaware that their companies offer this, as such compliling and sending out such a document is very helpful.


Party book is set for October 6th. The poster is complete and distributed, and it will be publicized from labor day weekend on. Forms will go out to the children the week after. A party book committee will help pair people up, find places to host etc.

Last year we were low on 4th/5th  grade parties as well as kinder.

Please fill out the forms early, don’t wait until the last minute; the form is already on website.

This year we will be selling tickets for the party online using Bidpal. We will use Clicksource at the actual party. Bidpal has processing fee but it is competitive.


Canyon Gear sells branded school gear which profits the school. The sale to pre-order gear launches on Sept 4th, and ends on the 14th. You will also be able to order online.


All room parents are in place.