February 2017 Booster Club Meeting Minutes

February 24, 2017

Attendees: Beth Price, Alyssa Goddard, Yvette Carpenter, Morina Lichstein, Christie Goren, Nicole Sheard, Lara Hasselhoff, Kim Weybright, Kerry Kane, Stephanie Morton, Maria Hill, Julie Rasgon, Alllie Torgan, Michele Vanger, Inbal Gonen

President’s Announcements-Morina Lichstein
We are having a great year and are at or above goal. Morina attended the Governing Council meeting yesterday and brought up the idea to make the Spring Clean up Day a 5th grade only event as a give back day to Canyon. This can become a cool, new Canyon tradition and we are working on the timing/date. On Technology, we are going to switch to Chromebooks instead of Apple laptops. We are instituting a Gratitude Policy across the Committees to ensure our parent volunteers are thanked in the Chronicle, at Assemblies, etc. Morina will be completing an Annual Report at the end of the year where she will detail each initiative done at Booster Club and then add in thank you’s there as well.

Principal's Report-Nicole Sheard
All of the teachers are fully CPR/First Aid Certified. Thank you to Booster Club for funding. “The Center” completed the training. Jump Rope for Heart is today and we have exceeded our goal of $5,000 for the American Heart Association. We have been exploring how to be a more 1:1 school with our laptops. The cost would be $180,000 for new Macbooks. Some schools (Revere, Marquez, Kenter Canyon) have been using Chrome Books. Canyon purchased a Chrome Book and Carlos tried it out and loved it. We can do everything on the Chrome Book since all we do is web based with the exception of iMovie or Garage Band in 5th grade. $300 for a Chrome Book vs. $1,500 for a MacBook per device. We are buying 150 or 175 Chrome Books (less than $50,000). Kinder will stay with the iPads. The 3rd and 4th grade will be getting the Chrome Books and the Macs will go to the other grades and there will also be a roving cart of MacBooks. This will be implemented this year. Every student will need to have an Acceptable Use Policy document signed and each student will have a device checked out to them and they will check out the same device each time from the charge cart. We are starting to use Google classroom (they also use it at Revere). This is an online classroom where teacher can post assignments. Nicole is even using it with the teachers.

Teacher’s Report-Doug Stoll
Loves to be involved in the meeting to hear the sharing of ideas and witnessing the energy of the parent volunteers. Continual and ongoing thank you’s from the teachers.

Governing Council Report-Inbal Gonen
Report cards are changing next year to have a social/emotional component. Curriculum committee spoke about the differences between a 3 (range D-B+) & 4. The teachers want to hone in on the numbers so that they can be more precise. A 3 is a child who is meeting Common Core Standards. Above and beyond (i.e. higher level thinking skills, rewriting the end of a book for a book report) would be a 4. Safety Committee met with a Red Cross representative that will come to do an Emergency Preparedness Presentation in the Fall, including a Puppet Show for K-2nd and 3rd-5th Grader, with a Pillow Case presentation (collaboration with Disney and they will get a pillow case and everything that they would need for an emergency would get put in that pillow case).

Annual Giving Update-Lara Haselhoff
The AG Goal is $380,000 and we are currently at $259,000, so we are doing well. Ambassadors just got updated lists and are reaching out to the families who have not yet donated. We will be thanking all of our donors.

Major Fundraisers Update/Auction Solicitation-Alyssa & Beth
We are excited about 2 weeks of online auction with the gift certificates before the actual Auction. They are launching in the Monday Bags/folders on March 6thThey are looking for a big ticket item to do a “live auction.” We are looking for an MC (preferably a high profile person). They are working with Click Source again.

For Fiesta, we may need help going Downtown to buy the presents for the prize booth. We are also looking for shadows for the Fiesta Committee. Instead of the Splash/Dunk tank, we are considering a water balloon game instead. Mr. Stoll suggested having the kids wear ponchos so that the kids are not wet the entire day.

Community Events Update – Talent Show Recap, Book Fair-Yvette
We are trying to sell extra Canyon Gear/samples. The talent show was amazing! Bonnie and Jill will not be doing the talent show next year. The DVD’s and Flash Drives are still for sale on line. Book Fair starts on Monday. An extra register was brought in this year in anticipation of the crowd. It will be in the Chronicle again on Sunday and the parents will send out an announcement as well.

Room Parent Coordinator Update - Julie Rasgon
Erin is now handling the SUG for Traffic Duty. We need better communication for class lists/rosters to help with traffic duty.

Volunteers Update - Beth
We are still looking for the following volunteers for next year: Olympics Day Chair, Talent Show Chair, Calendar Master, a President Elect for next year, Treasurer and Secretary.

Discussion & Questions
We need to shift the focus on changing the tone and shifting more towards gratitude (especially with how parents are treating other parents). This also needs to be conveyed to the children.

For better attendance, what about having the room parents be responsible for the food at the Booster Meetings?

For the last meeting of the year, it will be a Thank You meeting for all of the volunteers.

Traffic Duty-reminder that there should be no kids or dogs participating in traffic duty.