February 2018 Booster Club Meeting Minutes

February 23rd, 2018

Attendees: Beth Price, Nicole Sheard, Doug Stoll, Chad Billmyer, Amy
Montalba, Stephanie Morton, Kerry Kane, Mina Neubery, Elissa Phillips,
Rachael Kuhnert

Minutes from January approved.

President’s Report:
Canyon Parent Survey Results
The Canyon Parent Survey had a participation rate of approximately 20% of the school family body – 60 families returned their surveys. At such a small participation rate it is hard to utilize the results to decide what is important to

Those that participated rated the following areas in importance of booster fund allocation. The results were:
1. Aides in every classroom
2. Science instruction
3. PE instruction
4. Digital learning instruction
5. Classroom size reduction teacher (an extra 4 th grade teacher)
6. Art instruction
7. Music
8. Classroom supplies
9. Drama (only for kinder & 5 th grade)
10. Gardening

In general lots of the comments given were contradictory – some requested more
school events, while others wished for less. Here is a sampling of some of the results of responses to the survey questions:
-- Most of the responders had attended at least one Booster meeting this year. Some that hadn’t cited its timing for not attending.
-- Several people did not like the change in bidding system for Party Book night.
They cited slow reception of wifi delaying bids, as well as missing the “feeding
frenzy” atmosphere of the paper bids.
-- Community Events: There were lots of favorable comments for community events.
People would like auction to stay as part of fiesta. Green book fair was rated the
lowest for participation.
-- Participants were asked if access to their booster club donation history would be helpful; it was a mixed response of yes vs. no. People were asked a secondary
question of whether they would approve of a small number of Annual Giving parent ambassadors knowing their donation amounts. This received a resounding “No” from responders.
- Only 8% of people had been to governing council because of its timing. However, it can’t be changed.
- Responders would like more than a week of notice given for parent education
- One responder asked for easier access and quicker updates to funds raised by our large fundraisers. As a practice Booster does not release such figures until they are confirmed. That said, it will try and release them in the Chronicle as soon as possible.

Traffic safety
Booster is looking for someone to help with the production of an animated safety
video that helps train parents and caregivers to drive efficiently and carefully
around the school (like an airplane safety video.) There is already a script in place,
but an animator is needed. Please reach out if you know of anyone.

Principal’s Report
Jumprope for Heart
Nicole Sheard was excited to announce that a grand total of $17,000 was raised for the Jumprope for Heart Event. That is over double our goal of $8,000.

The school is considering the possibility of a new position for a half-time (part-time) co-ordinator. This position would take the burden of co-ordinator duties off the five teachers who currently bear them. These duties include a monthly meeting with the district, and lots of paperwork – both of which take them away from their primary roles as teachers. The half-time co-ordinator would also act as a substitute teacher as needed (subs cost us $7,000 last year.)

Canyon also has need of an intervention teacher in the afternoon. This position
would provide extra academic help to students who need it but do not qualify for
assistance under LAUSD’s guidelines.

Due to the new curriculum guidelines as set out by LAUSD, Canyon children must be instructed and graded for Dance (this is a participation grade rather than skill.) As such we need to find a dance instructor.

Kinder Day
Kinder will be transitioning to full days for the upcoming school year. They will be
let out five minutes earlier than the main school. Booster has applications out for
afternoon enrichment classes for the Kinders (as well as for the Gardening

Stephanie Morton discussed the possibility of spearheading a program that teachers parent volunteers to give instruction in additional art classes as well, potentially, as dance.

Treasurer’s Report
No updates. There was a discrepancy between Annual Giving’s reported amount and what the treasurer saw, but this now matches up. The treasurer is not yet in receipt of the funds from the Canyon Gear sales, but will follow up with the relevant parties.

Canyon Partners
It was reported that funds raised from the Amazon affiliate program last year was
$22,000. However this amount was incorrect. The full amount was $8500.
Our goal to raise for this year reflected what was thought to be last year’s correct
amount, so this needs revising in the budget goals. Year to date $3846 has been
raised through the program.

Further, Amazon informed Canyon that its in violation of their Operating Agreement
and as such they have terminated our affiliate program. This violation was
apparently the suggestion given to all parents that they Bookmark our Amazon link.

Amazon does not want people using a quick link, but instead going through the
Amazon main-page each time. We can reapply for the affiliate program but this will
take time. However it is worth it as using the affiliate program versus the Smile
program raises 4-10% per basket rather than 0.5% per basket.

Banner Program
Four banners have now been sold. They are ready to be installed, but first the leaf
growth must be cut back on the fencing. The school is not allowed to fully cut away the vines.

Governing Council Update
No update

Annual Giving Update
Annual Giving is at $284,000 year to date. That means we are 75% full at two thirds of the way through the school year. Class ambassadors can now send out reminder emails to families who have not yet given. Often people have simply forgotten to give; those that can’t afford to give the full amount are often helped by seeing the actual breakdown of where a full contribution goes, and then giving an amount that matches an area of instruction that their child particularly enjoys.
It does help the school to have as high a participation rate in AG as possible,
regardless of how much each family gives. That said, we do not want to give an
option to give much less as a lot of families will take it. Instead it is better to suggest to families to “Give what you can.”

Major Fundraisers
Fiesta & Auction planning is in full swing. Both have lots of new members with lots
of enthusiasm. The auction solicitation letter went home this week. This year the
auction is in particular need of tangible goods e.g., purses, skateboards etc.

Community Events Update
Book Fair
Book Fair starts next week. So far there is a great volunteer sign-up with a few slots still open. There will be no slime for sale this year, but the tchotchkes table will still be full – friendly fifth-graders will be on hand to help supervise it. The register system will be on wi-fi this year that will help speed the reordering system.

End of Year Events
The End of Year picnic is being planned for the beach. Coach Joey will be organizing games/ activities. The End of Year parties for grades 1-4 are being eliminated. Private parties may still be thrown by parents, but no school funds may be used toward them.

Directory Woes
The current Canyon system for the annual directory does not work. It is
cumbersome and inefficient – only one person has access to it so all changes must go through them. A solution may have been found in the form of an App called FRESHSCHOOLS. The app is a one-stop system for a school directory,
communications system for room parents, teachers and parents. Schedules can also be made and maintained through it. It is also relatively cheap at approximately $1200.
A 30 day test pilot may be utilized by school leadership and Booster to see if it will
fulfill our needs. Additionally as it was developed by a Palisades Elementary parent, we have access if we have any suggestions/ desired change.

School Traffic/ Pick-up
Kerry Kane was curious about use of the side gate as a pick-up point by some
parents. Children have been waiting outside it and then jumping into their parent’s
cars when they pull up. This is contrary to the system in place, where all children to be picked up by car must filter through Greg at the library gate. The side gate is for pedestrians only.

Chad Billmyer asked how much Shopify costs the school each year. Elissa will let
him know.

Dance & Movement
Elissa Phillips was curious if yoga would fulfill the dance requirement. If so she has a recommendation of a teacher. Nicole thought yes, if it was dance and movement.

Revolution Math
Trials of Revolution Math program were carried out in some classrooms with the
thinking that it could become a curriculum support. However the general consensus is that it is more appropriate as an after-school program. The children enjoyed it and so far 35 families have signed-up for it. This has led to a $1000 donation from Revolution to the school.