February 2019 Booster Club Meeting Minutes


February 22nd, 2019



Kerry Kane, Leiauna Anderson, Nicole Sheard, Allie Torgan, Martin Daraz, Viviana Haran, Rachael Kuhnert, Elissa Phillips, Nicole Sheard, Maya Forbes, Frank Langan, Lillian J. Morova-Velado, Andrew Wolfberg


A link for our annual Booster parent survey will be sent out in this Sunday’s chronicle. The deadline to respond is March 1st

Book-fair is next week Feb 25th to March 1st, 7.45am to 3pm

We have had three recent successful parent tours. There are two more to come and they are quite large. If we need more volunteers, Yvette Carpenter will send out an email.


Nicole has been off campus for two days for training on restorative justice. This is a new philosophy that LAUSD is adopting. It moves away from punishment model of discipline to a justice based model. Nicole was trained in TRIBES – conflict resolution, emotional empathy. Other teachers at Canyon were trained in COUNSEL. This new approach marries the two. It looks at community building; helping children feel safe; empathetic; consequences for your actions etc. Nicole is now formulating a plan for implementation, although Canyon already does a lot of it. One idea is conducting a community circle three times a week as a safe environment for kids to talk/ share / support one another.

February 22nd was the final day of the 2nd reporting period. We are two thirds of the way through the year. Not for those having conferences, teachers will not discuss class placement.

Tech update. Booster reps and the tech committee met to discuss future needs for the school. Some of the school laptops are 8+ years old. Three priorities moving forward are as follows:

  1. Teacher laptops (apple) 2. Chrome books for kinder 3. Chrome books for 2nd grade.

Priority 1 has been fulfilled slightly faster than planned as LAUSD dropped their contract with apple so in order to get the normal discount purchases had to be made by the 24th.

21 laptops were purchased. LAUSD will install software and the teachers will receive them in time for the summer break.

The kinders do currently have ipads, although not one per child. They will be replaced with chromebooks in order to align with first grade (who use chromebooks.)

FIESTA UPDATE – Ashley Vilgiate

There will start to be more updates in the coming weeks. We are currently making a big push for corporate sponsors – please reach out if you know of any potential companies that would be interested. There is a link on the Canyon website. There are four levels available - $500/ $750 / $1000/ $1500 with various benefits according to the level. The deadline for logos is March 15th. The total goal for corporate sponsorship is $30,000 (including family sponsorships.) We are aiming for 4 or 5 at the presenting level ($1500)

Food Vendors – confirmed so far are Vito’s Pizzas, Tallulah’s, the corn vendors and Sweet Fin. We are looking for a reliable fruit vendor. Please let us know if you know anyone. Kerry will chat to Greens Up! owner as a potential sponsor.


The auction push is up and running, receiving donations every day. Next week the committee will send an email out regarding class baskets. Note, nothing should be brought to classroom – everything should be ordered directly from amazon. Anyone who knows anyone with restaurants and vacation homes, please let us know.


Rory’s Creamery has offered a day of community giveback where they will give Canyon 10% of profits from one assigned day a month (not a weekend day.) In return Canyon will promote the day on school communications. Booster and Nicole agree to the partnership.


Amazon Smile has earned Canyon more than anticipated (over $200 in three months.) Because of this Booster will start to promote it in the Chronicle. Directions about how to bookmark it will be included.

Nicole has been in discussions regarding a giveback night at Mendocino Farms. We can also inquire about whether or not they could provide salads for Fiesta. Elissa also thinks Pono would do a community giveback night.

Banner program is looking for one person to oversee it for the coming two years.


To date 144 donors have donated $307,952. That is a 50% participation rate among our 287 families, and represents 74% of our total goal. This time last year we had raised $319,000, thus we are behind by 3%. But with one week left in February it is possible we will make up these dollars by the end of the month. Also note, this years’ goal is bigger than last year, so we are behind more than 3% in terms of the year over year goal.


Staff Gift Bank Account

Giselle needs access to staff gifts bank account. Approved by Booster.


Hoping to see impact from strike in getting a school nurse. Unclear when that will occur.

School Building Renovation

This summer STAR and Science buildings will be removed. The district will bring in a portable building which will be used until the new construction building is complete. In order to get us up to order 88 compliance, the bathrooms will be closed for summer and into next year; which means bathrooms in the back of school are being worked on to get into usable order. The district will also be repaving outside part of lunch area; the tree will be removed and replaced with one that doesn’t drop flowers; the grove ground will be leveled so that is safe; and finally, the breezeway will also be repaved. The actual construction is on hold until funding is received – this will come from a bond in 2021. As such we are at least three years away from a start date and then it will be a 2 year project.

Jammin’ In the Canyon

We have a potential talent. 125th anniversary coincides in October. If anyone has anyone they know etc, please let us know.