January 2017 Booster Club Meeting Minutes

January 12, 2017

Attendees: Bonnie Lerhoff, Amy Montalba, Julie Rasgon, Morina Lichstein, Beth Pric, Kikka Hanazawa, Nicole Sheard, Lara Hasselhoff, Yvette Carpenter, Jerry Deli, Kim Weybright

President’s Announcements-Morina Lichstein
We are on track with our fundraising efforts. We will have a public leadership meeting next week and it is on the main calendar on the website. We have a new officer-Yvette Carpenter, “Director of Community Events.” We will take a vote today because we have a reserve fund of money and we need to replace some computers. Beth asked, “Who is in charge of 5th grade funds?” There is a team doing it and attending Booster Club meetings isn’t essential since it’s separate. Nicole suggested that the 5th grade parents keep a binder and pass it off each year-timeline, events, budget, etc. Morina suggested bringing in a 5th grade Director under the Booster Club umbrella. Instead of a binder, how about a one sheeter?

How can we publicize meetings more? Fliers, sandwich boards the week of the meeting, webinar, etc. Possibly having a meeting in the auditorium and bringing food/coffee after monthly assemblies? Next assembly is Friday, 1/27, so let’s try the new meeting on that day.

Principal's Report-Nicole Sheard
Welcome back and Happy New Year! The board approved next year’s school calendar. Start date is 8/15/17. School will start in mid-August for the next 4 years.  Last day of school is 6/7/18.  Everybody is loving Canyon Gear.

Annual Giving Update-Lara Hasselhoff
As of today, the goal was to raise $380,000. $232,000 (61% to goal) as of today. The message to ask people to give what we are spending is working (a high % of the community are giving $1200 and above). There is a video tool which people can watch at home. 44% of the community has donated. Kindergarten donations are low.

Major Fundraisers Update – Auction Solicitation – Beth Price
Auction solicitation is underway. The committee wants to do it before they ask the parents to go out and solicit donations.

Canyon Partners Update – Beth Price
Michael Guttentag has been helping with the Banner Program and Beth Price will also be helping him. The banners will be on the fence with the vegetation on the corner fence removed. This does not require LAUSD approval as long as their rules are followed (i.e. no websites, logo only, etc.). Then they will be presented to the community as a courtesy for approval by Amy Hopper. We need to start soliciting very soon and will bring in at least $5,000-$10,000 per banner. We have already been approached by some people who are interested in advertising.

Community Events Update – CG Recap, Talent Show, Book Fair-Beth Price & Bonnie Lerhoff
The purpose of community events are to be fun, to build community and they are self-sustaining. The events are not there to bring in money, it’s for the community to get connected. Canyon Gear has almost all been delivered. Book Fair-last week of Feb/beginning of March-reaching out to volunteers soon.

Talent Show auditions were yesterday and were 3 ½ hours long! There are 91 kids participating in the show. The goal is 1 hour and 40 minutes. We need to have 2 shows to comfortably allow everybody to see the show. There are a lot of younger grades performing this year. 34 kids wanted to sing solos so they are going to be grouped and will each have a solo in a song. There are 55 acts total (some will drop out). We need the backing of the Booster Club because Bonnie needs to take a hard line with rehearsals with the parents-if you can’t make rehearsals, you can’t be in the home. Can we maybe have an e-mail sent signed by Nicole and Morina? Bonnie also needs a shadow for next year.

Community Outreach- Morina
School tours are coming up-please sign up to host a school tour.

Communications Update-Morina
We will talk about Communications at the Leadership Meeting.

Room Parent Coordinator Update-Julie Rasgon
Julie will send out a note to the room parents to reiterate the importance of attending Booster meetings.

Volunteers Update-Morina
We have a new Sign Up Genius volunteer-Erin Gregson-Williams. We have also found a shadow for Mahtab for end of year and holiday gift giving. Yasmin wants to know who will not be keeping their job next year. Everybody should be working on their one sheeters.

Treasurer’s Report-Kikka Hanazawa
A bookkeeper has been hired. Kikka passed out the budget (will be posted online). We discussed the reserve fund. Overall we are OK-raised the same amount as of the previous year in January (same amount of $$ but goal this year is higher). All events have been meeting/exceeding their budgets. Auction/Fiesta are left so we should be good for the rest of the year.

We need to accelerate AG now since we have some time between now and Auction/Fiesta. Based on that and Technology, we have been talking about accounting-besides annual operating expenses, we need to have a reserve for long term needs (Capital Campaign) for technology that will be spent over time. For this purpose, the reserve that was set 5 years ago, last year was the 5th year and last year we didn’t use it all, so we have $17,000 left. This can be rolled into the est. $175,000-$185,000 needed to replace the computers (2:1 technology school determined by the Technology Committee). Olympics was always meant to be restricted for student’s needs to benefit every child. We expect approx. $100,000 from Olympics funds to be put towards Technology. 75% of our budget needs to be set aside for regular Operating Expenses for the school.

Morina suggested putting Technology in the budget as a line item. Nicole needs to determine with Carlos if we separate this into over 3 years-give $50,000 now (our donation limit right now without doing the campaign). $50K now without touching our reserve and the next $50,000 can be released on 9/1 (fiscal year). We still need to do the campaign to raise money for the Capital Campaign now. Vote now to take our reserve bucket of $100,000 and can release $50,000 now and the other $50,000 at the start of the next fiscal year. This will reduce the load of the Capital Campaign. Morina made the motion and Beth seconded the motion and we all approved.

Discussion & Questions 
Gardening Guys (Jerry, Sean and Tony) need shadows since they are all graduating next year.