January 2018 Booster Club Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Vivian Harran, Aimee Sabo, Tameisha King, Chad Billmyer, Lara Haselhoff, Beth Price, Christina Stein, Stephanie Morton, Leianna Anderson, Alyssa Sullivan, Julie Rasgon, Elissa Robins, Maya Forbes, Yvette Carpenter, Rachael Kuhnert, Nicole Sheard

President’s Announcements

We have reached the halfway point for the school year. Our annual giving is looking on track and we still have two of our biggest fundraisers to come: auction and fiesta.   A moment to be proud but also note what we still have left to do.

Earlier this month Beth met with the Palisades school complex booster heads to exchange notes and ideas. It was an inspiring group and gratifying to realize our booster is doing a lot of things well.

Most of the schools in the Pali complex run after school talent programs, something Canyon should investigate. Currently we have no-one willing to run the annual talent show, as volunteers have graduated out. Booster will talk to Star about possibly turning it into an after-school program. It may also be appropriate to limit it to upper grades.

Principal’s Report

Yvette Carpenter has volunteered to take over school tours for next year. We are actively looking for a shadow for her.

January saw a parent education class by Jake Neuberg discussing growth mindset. The presentation was also given to the teaching body who are already implementing some of the tools, changing phrasing used and making sure not to label kids but to encourage them.

Gardening is going well. The lessons will be scaled to the age of the classroom.

LAUSD are pushing for 100% parent participation in their Passport Program by June 2019. This is an online grade system through which you can track your child’s progress, attendance, disciplinary record etc. Please enroll if you can.

Canyon Partners’ Update

Three banners have been sold in the banner program. Right now we are lobbying to get the vegetation cut back on the fence so that they look straight in installation.

Governing Council – Maya Forbes

As a school we strive to involve our children in community service. To that end there will be a drive at the end of the year to send supplies to schools in need. We will also be “adopting” a library through Accessbooks. This is an organization that pairs schools to help underserved schools and their library. We are looking to do it next spring. Approximately 25 Canyon students and parents will visit our paired school with 3000 books and help create a new library. This can be done in collaboration with our green book sale, a donation bin will be set up at book fair and a flyer sent home.

Michaela Lopez from the Crayon Collection gave a presentation to the council. It will be a project for the last week of school, in which the kids will donate and sort crayons for needy children.

Anuual Giving Update

AG total year to date is $263,106. This time last year it was $232,000. The difference is what was raised on Giving Tuesday this year.

A reminder to please not use Amazon Smile, but the direct Amazon link featured on the school website. We make more money through the link.

The concept of asking for one number for AG rather than giving two numbers ($1250/ $1600) was floated. This is a question of how it affects parents psychologically – will people who can’t afford to give the full amount then not donate at all?

Chad Billmyer will be running Annual Giving for the 2018/2019 school year.

Room Parent Update

Classroom Funds

School policy is for a request for $100 from parents per child for use in classroom. This year people have been asking for more contrary to policy and some is being put aside for class parties when use should only be for field trips etc. As Parties are not endorsed by LAUSD, funds for them must be separate from school events. A clarification email will be sent out to all parents regarding use of classroom funds (not including 5th grade who have a special fund.) In future room parents will ask for two checks at the same time.

The idea of establishing a committee for class parties was floated.

Canyon is the only school in the Pali Complex that does end of year class parties. There was discussion regarding phasing them out for all grades except Kinder and 5th. The end of year picnic will remain, and the last day of school can be utilized for something fun for the kids like a popsicle party. Nicole will discuss with the teachers and report back.

Canyon Gear

Staci Woo sold a little over $20,000 worth of gear. The school made a profit of $8000 which is a great result.

Treasurer’s Report

All fundraisers have so far hit their targets except for party book. However, this is misleading as money for parties comes in throughout the year. We are $5000 off our budget goal, but some goals were too high.

Note, BIDPAL has the new name ONECAUSE. It is the same service, same management, just rebranding.


Is there an opportunity at Canyon to install solar panels to generate income for Booster club? Nicole will email the facilities guy to ask.

We are looking for a replacement/ partner for Elissa to run large fundraisers committee next year. She is returning to work and will not be able to do it alone.