March 2017 Booster Club Meeting Minutes

March 24, 2017

Attendees: Julie Rasgon, Deb Tractenberg, Leiauna Anderson, Inbal Gonen, Kerry Kane, Kikka Hanazawa, Nicole Sheard, Rose Reiss, Doug Stoll, Yvette Carpenter, Kim Weybright, Beth Price, Alyssa Sullivan, Morina Lichstein

President’s Announcements-Morina Lichstein
We are on track with our fundraising efforts. Our traffic safety video volunteer will have time to make a video for traffic safety which may help the community. There have been major traffic issues this year and there has also been some miscommunication with the traffic safety assignments. The issue has been rectified.

Beth will be bringing back the Directory/Handbook for parents next year. We are looking for somebody who can put the Directory/Handbook together (organizational cut/paste kind of job). Mr. Stoll recommended a 5th grader possibly for the job. Survey Monkey will be sent out soon about Booster spending, our events, what we can improve, etc. There is a 4% increase for next year. We will include a line item for technology going forward in the budget.

Principal's Report-Nicole Sheard
This has been a busy few weeks! The lottery drawing happened last week and we had 250 applicants (30 students got in this year in Kinder & 1st ). Nicole doesn’t see any space between 2nd & 5th grades as of now. At the end of April, the 1st little group will be officially admitted. The budget deadline is coming up. We are working on the school budget. We get a block grant from LAUSD for $149,000 approx. (equates to $372 per student which is VERY LOW-covers 1/2 of an instructional aide, textbooks, copier and lunch aide) and we decide how we want to allocate those funds. This sounds like a lot of money but our aides cost $200,000 alone. We get less money than other schools that receive federal funding since we are a Charter School. That is why Annual Giving and our fundraisers are so important. We are now a 1:1 Technology School with 1 Chrome Book per student-3rd and 4th grade. 1st, 2nd and 5th grades have the older laptops. Booster released $50,000 for this year and $50,000 for next year for technology. We are possibly going to buy Chromebooks for 5th grade for next year. Nicole is ordering textbooks, figuring out classes for next year, etc.

Teacher’s Report-Doug Stoll
Thank you to the Booster Club for everything and how we tend to the teachers’ priorities (esp. referencing the Budget portion at Governing Council at yesterday’s meeting). Everybody loves the 5th grade windows on Mr. Stoll’s classroom!

Governing Council Report-Inbal Gonen
Coach Joey won the contest to block off 2 ramps so that the balls don’t roll under the ramps. He will possibly be installing 2 Trex deck pieces there so not to fully enclose the area. Lost and found will be donated on 3/31.

Annual Giving Update-Deb Tractenberg
We are at $275,000 vs. our goal of $380,000 (last year our goal was $320,000).
Per capita donations are higher this year than last year.

Major Fundraisers Update – Fiesta & Auction
Fiesta & Auction have kicked off and both committees are in full swing. Auction has launched and we are collecting items. We are 90% sure that Bid Pal will be our new vendor (not Click Source anymore). Gift certificates will be open for bidding 2 weeks before the Auction and will close the Friday before Fiesta weekend. A Fiesta only Chronicle will also go out the Thursday before Fiesta. We are trying to get a sponsor to provide a rapid Charging Station for cell phones.

Our new Fiesta team is charging ahead. Sabrina, Suzanne and Heather are in charge this year and Beth is a mentor.

Canyon Partners Update-Kerry Kane
Banner Program-we want to offer the program to the realtors who are parents here and also businesses who are outside of our community first.

Community Events Update – Book Fair Recap, Green Book Fair-Yvette Carpenter
Book Fair earned more money in sales than the 1st Book Fair from last year. Our last event will be the Green book Fair (people clean out their bookshelves, donate the books and they will be sold for $1 per book). The money will go to our library and any extra books will be distributed to a school Downtown. Books will be collected in the Auditorium or at the Library gate at drop off. Canyon Gear will also be sold at the Green Book Fair (Monday & Tuesday-4/17 & 4/18 after Spring Break will be the collection and Wednesday-Friday- 4/19-4/21 will be the sale in the Auditorium).

Room Parent Coordinator Update-Julie Rasgon
The third grade room parent mom party was last night and they had a great time.

Treasurer’s Report & Budget Preparation-Kikka Hanazawa
Kikka passed out the budget and the proposed budget for next year. Last year’s budget was $649,000 and we are projecting a 5% increase to $679,000 for 2017/2018. We have to release early funds-approx. $279,301 (to the District and need to vote on it (must include Science and Class Size Reduction Teacher). We are 62% to goal and are in line with our projections. We have to come up with the budget for next year. Last Friday in April (4/28) will be our budget meeting (will be presented and projected to the group). Beth moved that we take a vote to approve that funds be released (less than $300,000). Kerry seconded the motion.

Discussion & Questions
Parent Ed. is done for the year. We want to start a 5th grade Planning Committee for next year.

3/28-California Pizza Kitchen in Santa Monica-5th grade Fundraiser.

We need a volunteer to take over Parent Education for Inbal next year.

Lei has taken over Dustin Hall’s position at the Pacific Palisades Community Council and the meetings are the 2nd & 4th Thursdays of the month from 7-9pm at the Palisades Library.