March 2019 Booster Club Meeting Minutes



Leiauna Anderson, Amanda Rosen-Prinz, Nicole Sheard, Rachael Kuhnert, Alicia Dastrup, Maya Forbes, Arpi Ayvazian, Lily Velado, Aimee Sabo, Allie Torgan, Sherry Ikebe, Samira Danesh, Viviana Harran, Susanne Arvidsson



Thank you to all volunteers who are working so hard this Spring. It is our busiest time for events; and everyone’s efforts are greatly appreciated.



The 5th Graders recently completed a book for an Ernie Marquez tribute. Their prompt was, “What does Canyon Meant to You? It was a beautiful reflection of our school and children.

Nicole submitted the school budget:

  1. The gardening consultant has been eliminated due to fact that the program was not what had been envisioned. Other options have been researched but all are over $20,000, and this program is not a priority right now. Ques: Is it worth looking to parents to run the gardening classes again? Answer: Those parents need teaching skills, but individual parents are welcome to talk to their class teachers about the possibility.
  2. Drama classes may increase next year (it is a report card instruction.) Currently, 4th & 5th grade take drama class for the first reporting grade and then it is cycled through the other grades. Teacher Rachel would like to see the classes every week, however we have a logistics issue with the auditorium. The only way to do that would be to take one grade level at a time for an 8 week block. Logistics are being looked at to see if this can be facilitated.

 (Kinder and 5th do have classes all year long.)

  1. Question: Will Canyon have budget cuts as is happening to LAUSD schools on East side of town? (Maya Forbes)

Answer: Some schools are losing Title 1 funding. But our funding looks exactly the same for next year, which is $150,000. Note that the teaching aides budget alone is $200,000. Nicole pays for 5 aides, a librarian, and some extra psychologist time and Booster covers the entirety of the rest of the school budget. The cost of everything has gone up, and while we can still do everything we planned for next year, our reserves are smaller than the administration is comfortable with.

  1. Annual Giving. (Allie Torgan)

The Annual Giving (BFFs Fund) is short compared to this point last year. We are investigating offering an “Arts Angel” fund. This will be a fund to which those that want to support the “Arts & Technology” program at Canyon can donate. It is separate and aside from Annual Giving. There will be different levels offered, the highest of which will be $20,000. People can give anonymously or receive acknowledgment.

This program would be instead of doing a technology campaign. Nicole: We have to prepare our students for middle school where they need to be able to utilize technology.

Allie is building the website and will be functional in a month.



Booster is pushing for 100% participation rate in the fund. Whether that means donating the full amount or $5, we would like all families to contribute. Currently, we have 156 donors at a 54% participation rate among 287 families; $336,000 (81% of goal).


Thank-you to Booster for sponsoring CPR training for all teachers and staff at the school.

UTLA will be endorsing Jackie Goldberg for School Board election.


FIESTA (Susanne Arvidsson)

Family sponsorship is aiming to raise $22,000; and are well on their way to hitting the target. More parent volunteers are needed, and a SUG will be sent out in the Chronicle.

AUCTION (Vivianna Harran)

Grade baskets are going well, but one more push for purchasing will be made. Still looking for a few big ticket items for auction; auction will go live Monday 22nd after Spring Break.


Rori’s Ice-cream and Mendocino farms have both agreed to participation days with Canyon, where a portion of their proceeds will come back to Canyon. For Rori’s this will be the first Thursday of each month, and for Mendocino’s it will be Wednesday, April 24th.


The program has been successful to the point that we now have a waitlist for banner ads. We may need to consider limiting how long ads can be. We are looking for a Director of Corporate Sponsorship who would handle all of the corporate sponsors throughout the year for all fundraisers as well as the banner program. This position will start in the coming school year.


Frank Langen has offered his gallery for the party again next year. General consensus that we will hold both a live auction/ gala and a party book launch next year and see how it goes.                                                         


Amanda R-P is looking to redesign the website. If anyone can help or has connections who can, please let her know.


Maya Forbes is joining a task force to reduce testing throughout the district. If anyone want to be involved, please reach out to Maya directly.