May 2018 Booster Club Meeting Minutes


Amy Montalba, Amanda Rosen-Prinz, Elissa Phillips, Alyssa Sullivan, Allie Targan, Viviana Harran, Masae Noble, Rose Reiss, Maya Forbes, Chad Billmyer, Lara Hasselhoff, Ladan Soomekh, Yasmin Yaghmai, Kerry Kane, Morina Lichstein, Sabrina Kahn, Susanne Arvidsson, Yvette Carpenter, Nicole Sheard, Mr. Stoll, Beth Price, Rachael Kuhnert, Samira Danesh


A big thank-you to the auction and fiesta committees’ who added a lot of new people with big ideas resulting in great success: Auction 2017/2018 made $56k, while Fiesta made $37k.  

A call went out in the Canyon Chronicle for people to help with corporate sponsorship next year. No-one has responded so we are still looking for volunteers. Its purpose is to take the load off finding individual event sponsors, instead offering an annual package. This is an under utilized revenue stream for Canyon; we lag behind the other Palisades elementary schools in this area who all generate $50/60k per annum.

Kerry Kane has sold a banner for this year/ next year. And a big thanks to Mike Guttentag for helping put up the current banners.

Booster is hoping to spearhead the launch of a new app for the parent body to utiize called My School Anywhere. It will host our school directory and timetable and is already in use by a lot of schools.  It will be utilized in addition to regular communications. Parents will be able to update their own directory information saving the school office this time-draining task. Total cost for the school for the year will be $400.

This coming Tuesday the 29th at 1:45pm Mrs Hamilburg will be recognized by Booster for her years of service to the school. Please attend and pass on your well-wishes!

Before school is out for the summer, Beth will be turning the rarely used wooden easels into chalkboards. They will be utilized as notice boards at the entrances of the school.  


Thank you so much to Booster for another amazing year. There are only eight days of school left, and we’re excited to celebrate the end of the year with the school picnic.

There will be a few staff changes in the fall. We will be replacing the current reading intervention role with a combined co-ordinator intervention position, to be filled by Mrs. Huizar. Mrs. Hollander will be stepping into Mrs. Huizar’s old role as third grade teacher. Additionally there is a kindergarten teacher vacancy now Mrs. Hamilburg is retiring. Four interviews will take place on the day after school break starts.  As a Charter we may interview and hire whomever we choose as long as the candidate is on the LAUSD eligibility list. This is an easy thing to be registered on.

A community outreach meeting took place at the school last Thursday 24th May to inform the community about the impending school building project. There were a lot of misconceptions around the project that were hopefully settled. The biggest was that the school is expanding. It is not. The reason for the project is that several of our school buildings were meant as a temporary measure to address over-crowding. We are one of 16 schools that still have such buildings; all the others have been updated. These buildings while safe are not up to code to be permanent fixtures. Phase One in Summer of 2019 will the removal of the Star and Science rooms which will be replaced by another temporary building. Then in the summer of 2020 a two-storey building will be built to house Star Science, Kinder and grades 4th & 5th. This will probably necessitate relocating the library schoolhouse to the back corner of the playing field. Classes 15-19 will also be removed.

The biggest community concern is traffic and dust etc. While there will be construction trucks it is not as large a project as the community was fearing. The construction will have to take place during the school year, but a 16ft dust and noise wall will be erected for the children’s safety. Additionally the site will have a separate entrance and exit so that there will be no interaction with the children.

The current kinder classrooms will be removed, and the parking lot expanded and re-landscaped. The school bathrooms will also be replaced, and our tech and AV capabilities upgraded. LAUSD gave a thoughtful presentation and we are confident the project will go ahead on schedule.

It is worth bearing in mind the need for additional fundraising for any additional work needed once the project is completed e.g. new trees or benches. Note, the new office camera and buzzer are already funded via bond money.


Mr Stoll gave thanks to Beth Price and her incredible contribution and constant engagement with the school for the past eleven years.  She will be missed.

Regarding the new staff position and hire, the teachers appreciate having been kept fully apprised of what is occurring.


Annual Giving is now at $348,000. Only $32,000 short of our year end goal. As there are always last minute people we anticipate hitting that!

Next year’s AG director Chad Billmyer has requested a new software called CLASSY. Nicole and Lei are discussing.


This year has seen a lot of accomplishments by Booster. Here is a list:

Unveiling of the new teachers lounge; a great kinder round-up and playdate; Back to School on the Beach has become an annual tradition; Buddy families and Canyon Cares have been reintroduced to help the community spirit; Canyon Gear sold well;

The Party Book system was totally revolutionized and raised $68,000 – well over expectations; Pumpkin patch raised over $3000; Olympics Day was completely transformed and raised $70,000 (Highest prior was $45,000);  

School tours were fantastic; Parent Education Series meetings were the best we’ve ever had this year; Book Fair raised over $6000; Green book Fair raised over $1700; Staff appreciation week was a hit with lots of thank-you notes to Booster from the teachers; and the Banner Program is finally established.

Next year is the 125th anniversary for the school; a great reason to celebrate and fundraise.  And while we didn’t succeed in making technology a line item in this year’s budget it is something to aim for next year. As well as the return of Jammin’ In The Canyon and the Talent Show. If anyone would like to head up the Talent Show or has contacts for any act that would like to participate in Jammin’ In The Canyon, please let Leiauna Anderson know.

It was suggested that an alumni committee should be established; the use of My School Anywhere will help this as it will create an ongoing Database to keep track of past students. We do not currently have such a directory.


The Booster Club committee for 2018/2019 was approved by 25 votes with no-one opposing. The committee is as follows:

President Leiauna Anderson

President-Elect Allie Torgan

Secretary Rachael Kuhnert

Director of Canyon Organize Samira Danesh

Treasurer Elissa Philips (2nd year of 2 year term)

Director of Annual Giving Chad Billmyer

Director of Large Fundraisers Susanne Arvidsson

Director of Community Events Natalia Sullivan

Director of Canyon Experience Yvette Carpenter

Director of Canyon Family Rima Thierry

Director of Communications Amanda Rosen-Prinz

Director of Volunteers Yasmin Yaghmai

Room Parent Co-Coordinators Ashley Vilgiate & Yasmin Yaghmai

Director of Canyon Partners Kerry Kane, Rachael Kuhnert & Masae Noble