November 2016 Booster Club Meeting Minutes

November 10, 2016

Attendees: Morina Lichstein, Nicole Sheard, Charlena Terveer, Kim Weybright, Kikka Hanazawa, Alyssa Goddard, Lara Hasselhoff, Beth Price, Bonnie Lehrhoff, Rose Reis, Amy Montalba, Julie Rasgon, Jerry Deli, Giselle Keller, Kerry Kane, Scarpa Noya Goudar, Megan Carlson, Brett Freele, Sean Mickey, Jessica Mickey

President’s Announcements-Morina Lichstein
Booster Club is on track to meet all goals so far with all of the fundraisers. We always need more volunteers and involvement. Please keep encouraging community involvement.

Principal's Report-Nicole Sheard
Thank you for Olympics Day-it was amazing. We have reached the end of our 1st reporting period with cards coming home this week and next week. On technology, we are using LEXIA (digital Language Arts learning program) that we are happy with. What do we do with the 5th graders who are testing out of LEXIA? We are piloting a more advanced program with 20 kids. There is a minute target that kids are supposed to meet each week. Our technology is getting outdated and starting to break down (2008 was when the last laptops were purchased). We want to become a 2:1 school (2 students to every 1 device).

Teacher’s Report-Charlena Terveer
Conference week is going well and is almost over. Olympics Day went fabulously well!

Governing Council Report-Morina Lichstein
There was parent feedback to the safety committee-there are a few traffic shifts that were unneeded and have been eliminated. Zone C in the morning and Zone D in the afternoon were eliminated except for once per month for Zone D when Greg has a meeting (then a volunteer will be needed). Shifts are now shorter in time. Please fulfill your traffic duty or find a replacement. We need a new person to handle the Sign Up Genius coordination (current person is handling through December).

Major Fundraisers-Olympics Day Recap-Megan Carlson & Alyssa Goddard
Everybody was incredibly appreciative. Bad news-we need a new Chair to take over for next year. We need one point person and Megan is working on an extensive binder with timelines to hand off. We received $65,000 in pledges. Room moms did a great job getting all of the pledges in. Friday, 12/2-Wrap Rally

Annual Giving Update-Lara Hasselhoff
The first  class ambassador meeting was on Monday. Now we can push AG for the next 4 months. We have raised the same amount of money as this time last year with less participation (less families are giving more). Starting next week, we will really start pushing AG and will be making a visual for the AG progress.

Canyon Partners Update-Kerry Kane
Canyon Partners has made $18,000 so far this year and will become its own line item in the budget next year. Please keep using Amazon as we are making about $1,000 per month. The banner program is in progress.

Major Fundraisers-Auction Solicitation-Alyssa Goddard
Auction will be at Fiesta again this year and we are trying to get a majority of items donated by reaching out to people in advance to lessen the burden for parents (starting the solicitations now). All gift certificates will be sold online this year. We may do a live auction if we get any really large items donated.

Community Event Update – Pumpkin Patch Recap, Canyon Gear-Beth Price
Pumpkin Patch made almost $4,000 in 2 days. We purchased the pumpkins from Trader Joe’s and they sold out the 1st morning (had to make 3 Trader Joe’s runs). We had 40-45 kids participate in the decorating contest. The feedback was great-thank you everybody!

Canyon Gear-going really well and ending next week. Thank you Staci Woo!

Talent Show-Bonnie Lehrhoff
Last year, we had 70 kids participate in the talent show. We will start putting posters up after Thanksgiving and it will be announced at the 12/2 Olympics Day Wrap Rally.  1/11-Auditions, 2/10-Talent Show. On Show Day, we will need a lot of help, so please volunteer!

9:05-9:10 Treasurer’s Report-Kikka Hanazawa
We are 28% to goal for our total budget. Annual Giving-we have raised $140,000 (26% of participation). Online sales-Canyon Gear-already at $8,000 (gross sales). Always send e-mails to Kikka at: . There is a link to the reimbursement form/fund collection form in an automatic response. Credit card processing-we do have a credit card and we are trying to discourage personal card use. We are ordering 4 newe IPads. Corporate Matching Program-ask your employers to see if they have a Corporate Matching program. Stock Donations-Vesa is still in charge and it is still continuing. Fundraiser Chairs-when an event is done, please send Kikka a report on revenues/expenses within a month of the event.

Technology Capital Campaign kick off
We are going to kick it off within the next few weeks. We are preparing personalized e-mails to certain people at the school to be ambassadors. 7 years ago, Beth Preminger reached out to generous donors and raised $150,000 for new equipment. Technology has not been in our budget so we are going to try this approach again. The goal is to raise a minimum of $150,000. $185,000 is the “dreaming big” goal. Every computer on campus is out of warranty already. This should be a line item in the budget every year.