October 2016 Booster Club Meeting Minutes

October 13, 2016

Morina Lichstein
Nicole Sheard
Courtney Pfau
Kim Weybright
Kikka Hanazawa
Alyssa Goddard
Lara Hasselhoff
Celeste Iuul
Beth Price
Rose Reiss
Inbal Gonen
Sara Klenoff
Jerry Deli
Deb Tractenberg
Kari Richardson
Amy Montalba
Leiauna Anderson
Wendy Ringer

8:20-8:23 President’s Announcements – Morina Lichstein
Morina called the meeting to order at 8:22am and briefly recapped the 1st Booster Club Meeting (see minutes). Focus this year-streamlining, changing things when necessary, etc. We are having a great year so far despite lighter attendance at the Booster meetings. She reiterated how Booster organizes the fundraisers and brings in and tracks the money. Governing Council decides where and how the money is spent.

8:23-8:27 Principal's Report – Nicole Sheard
Nicole has been reviewing the survey from last year. It asks questions about things like positive school climate, growth mindset, academics, access to technology, bullying, etc. This week, she met with all Palisades schools in the Palisades Complex. The  Palisades Coordinating Council (comprised of parents, Principals, etc.) has been eliminated. A major item discussed at the Palisades Complex meeting was that there needs to be more articulation between middle and elementary schools. Also, there needs to be more parent education combined for the whole complex (Paul Revere has offered their auditorium). Different parent topics will be covered-i.e. Common Sense Media will be having a session. Another Parent Ed. is coming up at Revere soon put on by Pacer (an anti-bullying organization). This will cut down on costs being able to use the Revere auditorium.

1st Unity week at Canyon next week (anti-bullying)-10/17-10/21. The week will begin with a Bully Busters assembly and each day there will be different activities in the classroom-i.e. a unity tree, a unity chain, bruised apple activity.  Wednesday is Unity Day and all kids are being asked to wear orange. On Friday all kids will get a bracelet and the week will culminate with “Kindness Counts.”

8:27-8:30 Teacher’s Report – Courtney Pfau
Thank you for including teachers at the Party Book Event. All who attended had a fabulous time. She also asked to please encourage parents to attend Committee Meetings (they need much better attendance from parents).

8:30-8:35 Governing Council Report – Inbal Gonen
The 1st GC meeting was a few weeks ago with nothing major to report. Committee meetings-want to have more parents involved and at the Governing Council meetings also. Jerry asked how to find out the rooms where the meetings are held. The office has the list and it is also on the website.

8:35-8:40 Major Fundraisers-Party Book Recap – Wendy Ringer
Party Book Event was only Phase 1, now Phase 2 has started where you can book parties online. This is a fluid system where parties are being added all year long. We hit target for the event-numbers are amazing with only 33% of the community attending the party. We also made a profit at the party (almost $5,000). There were some complaints about having the party off campus and having to pay to attend. Next year-how can we be more inclusive, move to a venue that is less expensive, etc. We have sold some more parties this week (started with Cyber Monday). Wendy expects final numbers to be over $70,000. We have 63 or 64 parties right now (same amount as last year).

8:40-8:45 Annual Giving Update - Deb Trachtenberg
We have $115,000 (approx.)-30% of our goal. We now have the names of the AG Ambassadors, so that people can start doing outreach to their classes. The $1200/$1500 campaign/transparency has been working well. They also will be doing a Corporate Matching push.

8:45-8:50 Canyon Partners Update – Morina Lichstein
Kerry has been working hard trying to bring in more Canyon Partners this year. She just brought in 1 new online sponsor (Vivaio Days).

8:50-8:55 Communications Update – N/A

8:55-9:00 Major Fundraisers-Olympics Day - Alyssa Sullivan
There is a wine and cheese party tonight at Morina’s house for the Olympic Day Committee. The event is on 11/4 this year to space out the fundraisers more evenly throughout the year. We want the kids to go out to ask money for their school-encourage them to ask the community for donations. We will be starting to ask for pledges on 10/21.

9:00-9:05 Community Event Update - Pumpkin Patch – Beth Price
Pumpkin Patch is very different this year (we are cutting back because of the massive pumpkin crisis due to the drought). Beth found a new supplier. The event is 2 days this year and right before Halloween (10/27 & 10/28- Thursday and Friday before Halloween). We are taking the focus off of making money and now this will be more of a Community event/Fall Festival (i.e. selfie station, crafting, decorating contest, etc.).

9:05-9:13 Room Parent Coordinator Update
We need better attendance at Booster Meetings. At least 1 room parent should attend every Booster meeting.

9:13-9:15 Volunteers Update - Beth
Yasmin has sent all of the committees their volunteers. We are looking for shadows for many committees. We have amazing involved Kindergarten families this year.

9:15-9:20 Treasurer’s Report – Kikka
Kikka passed out the 2016/2017 Proposed Budget. Kikka has final fundraising figures from last year and needs to revisit and see what adjustments can be made-i.e. she doesn’t want to give estimates that are less than last year (i.e. budget vs. actual). There have been some changes in expenses (i.e. adding D & O insurance, Worker’s Comp., Cyber Insurance). We may hire a bookkeeper which wouldn’t be too big of an expense. Website maintenance costs have been increased. Total budget is approx. $650,000 without the technology campaign (6.5% increase from last year’s actual). We are thinking of ways to raise money for technology (i.e. Technology Ambassadors, Capital Campaign, etc.). We were all in favor of the revised budget.

9:20-9:30 Discussion & Questions
Meeting adjourned at 9:28am.