October 2017 Booster Club Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Beth Price, Nicole Sheard, Lily Velvado, Rachael Kuhnert, Elissa Phillips, Miranda Faraei, Ashley Vilgiate, Lara Haselhoff, Chad Billmyer, Regina Mandel, Julie Rasgon, Douglas Stoll, Leianna Anderson, Alyssa Sullivan, Yvette Carpenter

President’s Announcements

Thank you all for attending.

Community Events Update:

  1. Pumpkin Patch

We had a successful two day sale. Total sales -- $4407.38; Total expenses --  $1010.14; Total Net to Booster -- $3397.24

Signs were posted to thank Trader Joe’s for their pumpkin donation. Also Starbucks on Montana donated the morning coffee. The children loved the pumpkin decorating contest and the morning opening was great for working parents. Mr. Stoll suggested the student council write thank-you’s to Trader Joe’s and Starbucks.

  1. Canyon Gear

Sales were at $19,000, giving a profit of $9,000.  Last year’s bumper profits were an anomaly. We are incredibly lucky and grateful to have Staci Woo and the House of Woo. Canyon Gear isn’t just a money-maker, it’s also a community builder.

Olympics Day (Ashley Vilgiate)

This year pledges were done in a new way, each child will have own online pledging page. Also introduced new family sponsorship opportunities for decorations, medals, water, popsicles etc.

Moving pledges to online will hopefully alleviate the back-breaking backend volunteer work. Many thanks to Ally who has done an incredible job organizing the day.

Principal’s Report (Nicole Sheard)

Gardening and Culinary Program is moving forward. Sean & Jessica will be running the culinary class once a month for every K-2nd grade class. Gardening will also be once a month. This is a parent volunteer program overseen by a gardening consultant, Jill. Every first Friday of the month she gives a demo lesson that the parent volunteers watch and then implement with their class. Each class has its own garden plot. We will also apply for some gardening grants to defray start-up costs.

Teacher’s Report (Mr. Stoll)

Thanks to the parent body for participation and willingness to talk about the teacher contract negotiations.

Kids have been very excited about Olympics day and the t-shirt competition. Don’t hesitate to utilize the fifth-graders for Olympics day, they enjoy being involved.

It is suggested that hand-written notes from the students are sent to the corporate sponsors of Olympics Day.

Canyon Partners Update

Please remind parents to utilize the Canyon Amazon link. It’s free money for the school.

Banner Program

We now have three sponsors – Cali Camp/ In The Canyon/ Beauty Counter – with just two spots left for purchase. The price was decreased and logo space changed. Sponsors will be given space in the hand-book directory. We also have a procurement committee led by Chad and Mesai, cold-calling and working connections.  

Note the fence banner program is separate from the annual canyon community partner program. This program entitles sponsors to advertising at fiesta, a banner at back to school night, and the talent show. They are perceived as partners on campus.  Although the larger center fence banner sponsor is also included in all Canyon advertising.

Governing Council

A new report card is now being used to reflect the change to common core standards. It’s a big change, with categories including language art skills, a breakdown into math practice standards, and harder to assess areas such as reasoning and critical thinking. Science is also broken down into three segments.

A one-sheet explaining the new card and categories will be handed out with report cards.

Ramps: Boards have been erected against the classroom ramps to stop balls from rolling under, and kids from crawling to retrieve them.

Unity Week: Bully prevention was discussed during unity week. Each teacher was given a folder with discussion points for the day’s class discussion and activity. Each day of the week had a theme. We are focused on keeping Canyon a bully-free school.

Party Book

Party Book night was very successful due to a high turn-out, the generous use of Frank Langen’s space, and high quality parties. So far we have raised $64,000, and goal was $75,000. However parties are still being sold and often more comes in throughout the year. Additionally last year booster income numbers were pushed up as a goal so we do have some cushioning.

While party book night isn’t for profit, we did make one this year. A reminder is always sent out to participants when a party is coming up.

Annual Giving

So far $115,000 has been given. There will be a big push post thanksgiving before the end of the year. Chad has done a graphic that explains the story of where our funds go and why. This will hopefully help educate parents why annual giving is so important for the quality of our children’s education.