September 2016 Booster Club Meeting Minutes

September 8, 2016


Morina Lichstein, Courtney Pfau, Julie Rasgon, Kim Weybright, Kikka Hanazawa,  Jacqueline Chernov, Lara Hasselhoff, Celeste Iuul, Vivian Chang, Rose Okumoto Reiss, Inbal Gonen, Beth Rubino, Jerry Deli, Christie Goren, Lissa Robins, Sean Mickey, Yasmin Yaghmoui, Kerry Kane, Nicole Sheard, Lara Einzig, Beth Price

Meeting called to order at 8:25am.

8:15-8:20am President’s Announcements – Morina Lichstein
Morina opened the meeting by welcoming the community. The theme this year is to be totally transparent with programs, fundraising, etc. If something doesn’t make sense, let’s change it. We aim to be transparent, respectful and inclusive. We raise 95% of the money in Booster through Annual Giving (AG), Party Book, Olympics Day and Fiesta/Auction. Olympics Day this year is earlier-11/4 (date change-please note). Save the date for Party Book event -10/8 at the Cock N Bull. For Party Book, events can be added all year long. We are going to have a fabulous year.

8:20-8:25am Principal’s Report – Nicole Sheard
Nicole welcomed new families. We are off to a really good start. There are some changes this year (i.e. picnic with a movie off site instead of a picnic on campus). The school is fully staffed and we have aides in all of our classrooms. One aide is leaving soon and we will need a new aide for Mr. Veero in the Science Lab.  SBAC (Smarter Balanced Assessments) scores-Canyon is still at the very top (tied with Wonderland Elementary for the #1 position). Canyon scored 92% in English Language Arts (met or above standard) and scored 88% in Math (dropped 1 point from last year). Attendance has been wonderful and it is always good during the 1st month of school-98% for August. We usually dip to 95%. Please plan vacations, doctor appointments when kids are not in school. We have 32 new children at school admitted through the lottery this year which is more than in previous years.

8:25-8:30am Teacher’s Report-Courtney Pfau
Courtney thanked Booster on behalf of the teachers for everything last year and for the funds to kick start the year. The room parents have been great and the teachers are all looking forward to a great year.

8:30-8:35am Governing Council Report-Inbal Gonen
Inbal encouraged room parents to encourage their room individual reps. to attend Governing Council Meetings: 3rd Thursday of every month-2pm-3pm, Committee Meetings-2nd Thursday of every month 2pm-3pm.

8:35-8:40am Treasurer’s Report-Kikka Hanazawa
Kikka passed around the treasurer’s report from last academic year. We achieved our revenue goal of $670,000 (which is our budget this year, so status quo from last year). This should be easy to achieve the same #. Even though this is the goal, we should target for more money. Kikka’s role is to make it easy for committee heads to make money and achieve their goals. $600,000 is what is being projected for expenses. This is increasing every year due to human expenses (i.e. payroll, salaries, benefits, etc). Booster needs to raise 10%-15% more each year to cover this. Annual Giving-minimum suggested donation is $1200 but we really spend $1500 per child. The message should be that if you aren’t paying that amount, it is being paid by somebody else. If many people aren’t paying that amount, do we need to start cutting programs? Right now, we are in pretty good shape financially. We didn’t raise the ask to the $1500 but all of the area schools are asking at least $1400. We may raise the ask next year. Donating your time is also very valuable, so that needs to be another message that is broadcasted to the community. Either time and/or money but we’ll take and need both. On the budget, the Pumpkin Patch goal needs to be lowered since the event is only 2 days this year and $3,000 will not be able to be raised in that time.  In May, we present a full forecast budget for the following year at the Booster meeting.

8:40-8:45am Room Parent Coordinator Update – Julie Rasgon
Room parents have been selected for every room. Biggest glitch-getting the rosters out to the classes. Julie & Christina are having a meeting with the room parents again tomorrow. Clarification was made between the directory vs. class roster contact information.

8:45-8:50am Volunteers Update – Yasmin
For most of the committees, we have new volunteers. She is reviewing the papers that the office received. Shadows-please be honest and positive about your positions. On your committees, please see if any of the volunteers want to shadow you to help take over for next year.

8:50-8:55am Annual Giving Update – Lara Hasselhoff
We have raised over $75,000 so far and $5,000 was received just this morning. Kikka said that it’s really hard when we receive money at the end of the year since we need to know how much money we have for next year’s programs. Inbal said that we should really express that to the community-the idea that it’s a projection for the next year and not for the current year. Can we have people say in the beginning of the year, “We will commit x amount in April.”? Remember that if your company has matching gifts, please take advantage. We also have a stock option program. The focus on AG will be switched after Olympics Day through the end of the year. A link will be sent out for the video that Morina had made.

8:55-9:00am Major Fundraiser Update - Party Book & Olympics Day – Beth Price
20 tickets have been sold to the event at the Cock N Bull. This is a party to sell the other parties. We need to sell 75 tickets to cover our costs. The focus is on getting the party donations-we only have a handful of parties right now. Parties go online to buy after the event. Pre-register your credit card and a friend can buy your parties for you if you cannot attend. We need to raise $66,000 in parties and we need at least 60 parties to do that.

11/4-Olympics Day, 10/21-Olympics Day Rally. Olympics Day needs to raise $52,000.

9:00-9:05am Community Event Update - Pumpkin Patch-Beth Price
Different this year-only 2 days and we are decreasing the number of pumpkins. This year will be more like a Fall festival.

9:10-9:15am Canyon Partners Update-Kerry
Kerry wants to change the behavior and strategy for the Amazon purchase program. Can something be sent out through room parents? Morina said let’s hold off on that since there are so many messages coming out right now. Kerry has been meeting with companies who possibly want to sponsor and partner with Canyon.

9:15-9:30am Discussion & Questions
Parent mixer is happening on Wednesday, 9/21 from 6:30pm-8:30pm. We are encouraging grade wide Party Book events since we aren’t having grade level potlucks anymore. Inbal said that she has been hearing that there are many disappointed parents since there aren’t any potlucks.

Meeting adjourned at 9:26am