September 2017 Booster Club Meeting Minutes

Attendees:  Beth Price, Nicole Sheard, Tami Lester, Lada Soomekh, Julie Rasgon, Jaqueline, Alysa Sullivan, Allie Targan, Kerry Kane, Mimi Sabo, Doug Stoll, Lily Velvado, Chad Billymer, Lara Haselhoff, Lauren E., Elissa Phillips, Janel Moloney, Samira Danesh, Sabrina Kahn, Heather Tran, Rachael Kuhnert

President’s Announcements (Beth Price)

Thursday October 19th is the Great American Shake-Out Drill. This is a nationwide program that will see Canyon put into practice its emergency plan on campus. We will role-play search & rescue, and request & reunion at the library gate. If you wish to be involved and help with the practice please show up; if you are on campus on Thursday you will be required to participate.

Volunteer Update

Nicole Sheard has volunteered to maintain the teachers lounge.

A volunteer is still needed for school tours.  This position requires participation approximately five mornings of the year from 8.30am to 10.30am.  Starts in January.

Principal’s Report (Nicole Sheard)

Gardening program: this year is a transition year for the school gardening program. K-2nd grade will receive two lessons a month: 1. Culinary session. This will be led by the old gardening guys team and will center on the historical/ social aspect of food which the children will participate in preparing and eating. 2. Gardening session. This will be parent-led, with the advice and help of an outside consultant who will help develop the curriculum.

We have a limited budget and will be putting together a wish list for supplies. Please get in touch with Nicole if you have any interest in being involved in the gardening program.

Kinder Play-yard: The school would like to overhaul the kinder yard and are working to address the financial obstacles to achieving this.

Teacher’s Report (Mr. Stoll)

If anyone would like to help teach with the gardening program but is afraid of addressing students Mr. Stoll will gladly provide instruction on how to instruct a group of children.

Thank-you for the Chrome books that Booster bought for the campus. It’s amazing to see all the new equipment - science has a brand new cart. The books promote independence, technical skills and personal responsibility for our students.

Also thank-you for the teacher reimbursements for beginning of year supplies.

Banner Program Update (Kerry Kane/ Nicole Sheard)

This program was designed to bring outside money into the school via local businesses who wish to advertise on the Canyon exterior fence. There are five slots which carry large historical photos of the school with space for a business logo at the bottom.

After an initial sales round earlier this year the middle banner was sold to Frank Langen, but feedback suggested the other four slots were deemed too expensive. We are revising size of logos available to be larger, and also decreasing price from $7k per slot to $2500 per slot to stay competitive with other schools in the district. This price change motion was proposed by Beth Price and seconded by Kerry Kane.

Annual Giving Report

AG is on track at close to $100,000. The committee is looking for one more ambassador from Ms. Riddle’s class and then will do a big push before the end of the year; there will be a school-wide reminder at thanksgiving.

Major Party Fundraisers

Olympics Day: A great committee has been put in place and the day has been blocked out on the calendar. Online fundraising via bidpal will be used this year.  Also new this year is the tally system for laps run – children will each wear a t-shirt with a built-in bib on it that will be stamped with ink blotters. This will hopefully streamline the back end of the count and negate parent controversies regarding extra or uncounted laps run. Additionally laps that are mid-way when the whistle sounds will count toward end tally.

The theme for this year’s day is “Together Everyone Achieves More.” To this end there will be a class prize for most laps run rather than individual prizes for fastest runner etc.

Community Event Updates:

Trader Joe’s has supplied 80 pumpkins for Pumpkin Patch. There will be pumpkins on sale in the mornings for those parents who can’t make it onto the yard in the afternoon.