Did you know that our fabulous Librarian, Barbara Blake, collects recycling to help fund new books for our Canyon Library?

Barbara is a lot of things...terrific story teller, organized librarian, inspiring community worker...does she have to be a Dumpster Diver too? We say NO!

Help Barbara's Library Fund by putting all your EMPTY ALUMINUM CANS and PLASTIC BOTTLES in our new Library Fund Recycling Bins! Don't put them on the curb, bring them to Canyon. These new bins will be located on the school yard by the office, and distributed throughout the school during events. Look for them, and USE THEM, at our end-of-year picnic! 

Please be aware that these are only for redeemable recycling, (ALUMINUM CANS and PLASTIC BOTTLES) and not your newspaper or Starbucks cup. With your help, our library will be filled with the magic of literature and information, and our landfills will be a little bit emptier.