Governing Council Mtg Minutes: Sep 17, 2015

Meeting called by Tamara Gorman at 2:03pm. 

2:00-2:05 Sign In, welcome and approval of last month’s minutes. Tamara asked for approval of the minutes. 

Julie explained that the committees on the agenda have been rearranged into two groups. We talked about a way to figure out how to get more specific items on the agenda. We will continue the conversation later. Julie suggested having a night meeting and Barbara Blake objected. Julie suggested we see how the Booster evening meeting goes and perhaps give an evening meeting a try. Tamara said we will put out a clipboard at the meetings for new business. Julie also brought up the idea of teachers not needing to attend Governing Council which led to some chatter among teachers but no further discussion. Nicole introduced Michele Baldanado who started today as the art teacher for grades 3-5. She is a former Canyon parent.

2:05-2:15 Principal’s Report

Nicole talked about the LA TIMES article where we were singled out for having the highest test scores in LAUSD. Nicole credits the teachers who individualize instruction to make sure the kids are up to it. She also credits the parents and the kids. We are also 4th in the state for English Language Arts. She said there is going to be a parent ed meeting so parents can know how to read the reports. She walked through the reports and explained they are going to get even more detailed information about the results. 

2:20 Amy Hopper gave the Booster President’s Report. She thanked the teachers for the #1 school success and talked about how we have the best teachers. She talked about how transparency is important to her. Booster has moved to alternating morning and evening meetings to try to get more parents who may work. Amy says she really wants to work with the teachers because they know the best what the kids need. Especially on budget, she wants to work with both GC and Booster on the budget. She thinks the budget committee should start meeting in January so they can figure it out and not panic in March/April. She expressed desire for us all to work together internally and not to go outside and involve the district, etc. She said thank you to landscape and design, especially Kendra and Beth Price. She seconded her love for the spirit of shared governance. She brought up details about the banners. Last April, CVG and David Guttenberg started talking about banners. He learned about what the other schools are doing, which violates the district rules. Also, there is serious resistance to the banners. So, he researched options and then nothing was committed but he started researching. Doug Suisman met with a small group to give his ideas. Amy showed the current corner at Entrada and the stairs and then she showed a potential version of a more permanent banner program. It would stay within the font and have no logos. However, this is just an early part of the process, nothing has been decided. Nicole explained there would be a sponsor page on the website. There would be a banner committee who would make the decisions about the benefits of the program. I asked about sponsorship levels – former income from those donations. Someone asked if there have ever been external banners and the answer was no. Mr. Stoll asked who would actually vote on this and who decides who get to advertise and that would be governed by LAUSD. He said that he likes it because someone will protest.  He also pointed out that teachers are not supposed to endorse certain companies and does this violate that? Another parent asked about using kids art or something else for the images and Amy explained the history of the school is what we expect works best for the neighborhood. Kikka asked if we could keep it to certain companies and Amy explained that people are coming to us but this is in its infancy. Booster budget is $546K. So far AG is at $129K. The budget for last year’s Booster was $536K. 

2:45 Committee Reports Various

Standing Committees

Behavior - Rya Levin says they have no parents on the committee and would love to have some join. They are trying to start a school wide positive behavior reinforcement system. District says we need that so we are starting something with our 3 Bs, like B Bucks or B something. 

Community Service - Sherry Ikebe. Beth Price says school drive participation was up 75%. They gathered 17 bags and School on Wheels will be coming to the next assembly to get the bags and thank the school. Also, we are participating in National Walk to School Day on October 7.

Curriculum - Steve Butts. We are doing a test run on a mindfulness program known as MIND UP. The second item they are discussing is how to incorporate MY MATH.

Digital Learning – Carlos Velado said they didn’t have a parent rep. Want to meet with booster to figure out the budget. District gave us 2 ipad carts so those will go to 1st grade. We are testing out a program called Dream Box.  It’s geared towards differentiation in math. 

Landscape & Design – Susan Hamilburg said they had great representation at the work day and at the meeting. They want to do more work days and are looking for a co-chair for that. They talked about the dryness of the plants.  They talked about another tile wall near the entry. They talked about the Garden Guys (K-2) and maybe adding something for 3-5. Whole Foods is donating so that’s a possible sponsor.   

Safety - Lisa Riddle said they looked at the safe school plan and they are gathering comfort kits. They will be gathered collected and taken to the emergency bin tomorrow. 

Ad Hoc Committees

Budget - Nicole said they will meet next week. Amy announced that Kika Dal Bello is the new treasurer, once she gets voted in tonight. 

No reports from Charter Accountability, Communication and Outreach

Human Resources – Nicole said Custodian Mike got a promotion to plant manager at University High. We hired a new person two weeks ago and his name is Dennis. Greg is working extra for now and we will have a permanent person soon. Instructional leadership team will meet next Friday.    

Parent Ed - Inbal and Nicole met with Gwen about events. They will have a presentation by Wendi Mogel, author of “Blessing of a Skinned Knee.” They also want to address mindfulness, common core, GATE and inquiry based learning in other presentations. They also talked about having a movie series and a creative event called Cain’s arcade. They are going to take the middle school panel out of the official events and do it as a private event. 

3:00pm New Business - Tamara reiterated that she will bring a clipboard to the next meeting so people can add new business when they come each week. Inbal said Glow Party is not going to accept cash. The entire event will be sticker and credit card based. Canyon Gear on sale tomorrow. 

2:55-3:00 Tamara adjourned the meeting. Steve Butts seconded it.