Governing Council Mtg Minutes: Dec 17, 2015

2:00pm Meeting called to order by Tamara Gorman. 

2:00-2:05 Sign In, welcome and approval of last month’s minutes.

2:05-2:20 Principal’s Report- Nicole Sheard said it was a great holiday show. 

Safety Changes. 

We look at what we have and there was a safety committee meeting last week. There are some things we can’t do, some are too costly, etc but the safety committee is the place to start. One of the big changes was closing the breezeway gate. It’s the place that was not as supervised so that decision was made to close it. The only time the gate is open now is before was school. Nicole reiterated the options for after school for kids and reminded teachers to check on kids if they see them where they aren’t supposed to be.  

She talked about the closure on Tuesday. She said she got word about 7am and immediately sent a phone msg that never went through and an email. She thought it was handled well as a district. She was there with Greg all day and they updated her every 30 minutes. Staff handled it well in an age-appropriate way. Mrs. Riddle came in and told the few families that had not heard. Nicole sat in the car until the officers did a walk-thru and they went through back packs and lunchboxes and everything. Inbal brought up that the reunion gate used to have a sign but now it doesn’t now so Nicole will follow up on that. Tamara asked if we will make the day up and Nicole said we don’t unless we miss 5 so we will not make it up. Another safety issue is on Entrada. People are going in the right lane and people are running the stop sign and the Waze app tells the drivers to go around the school to avoid traffic on Entrada. Nicole has written a letter to suggest solutions. They are going to meet with city officials in January. They are still trying to get proper sidewalks.


2:20-2:30 Booster President Report- Amy Hopper

Booster was canceled last night because there was no power. There will be a new website after the break. It will be important to Kika mainly because the e-commerce platform we had was not very good. It will be safer and more user-friendly. They are looking for volunteers to help with the website. We have a stock-selling website and we got 11,000 from one family and other amounts from five other families. Kikka did it and we’re at 56% participation and we’re more than halfway to our goal. 

We are very optimistic. Amy wants a budget committee at the beginning of the year.  Nicole asked Kika to come to a budget meeting with the staff. 


2:30-2:45 Committee Reports Various

Standing Committees

Behavior- nobody to report. Bee bucks is up and running. The bee meter is up and we’re ready to put bands on it. Teachers, remember to turn your bee bucks in. 

The assembly is tomorrow at 11:45 so they will have a fire drill to get everyone outside and kill two birds with one stone. Mr. Stoll asked how the process works. Ms. Watson said friendly fifth graders have been doing conflict resolution training. 

Community Service- They met scheduled for the 12th of February. We are in the midst of the toy drive.  It has been amazing this year so thank you to those that brought toys. 


Curriculum- Steve Butts said the curriculum is pretty set right now but they did discover a new website called Common lit which is great and mostly applies to 5th and up. That’s all. 

Digital Learning- Carlos said they are working on a 3 year plan. They have partnered with a rep from Google to look at grants for technology. They partnered with Pali Elementary to submit a bigger proposal so they are hoping they will submit this Jan 8. It is a concern because the technology needs to be continued to be updated. Nicole said its financially beneficial but also could bring some fun ways to collaborate with the partner school. 

Landscape and Design- Susan Hamilburg. She said they discussed field maintenance.  They met with the landscape and decided not to plant and reseed because of fear of El Nino which may wash everything away so they will wait until the summer. They are waiting for the district to install the hooks in kinder or other places. If there is a volunteer day to put them in, that would be a great activity. We aren’t allowed to install the 2X4s but we can put in the hooks. They talked about the sign in the front and there is some opposition about the aesthetics about that. Amy said we hired him as an advisor to work with the district to figure out what is possible. 

Safety-  Shake Drill. Lisa Riddle said they met on the 10th and decided the breezeway gate will be locked after the bell. They talked about the safe school procedures and all the monthly drills. The bathroom is supervised by adults and the perimeter is supervised. Amy said the booster presidents all exchanged ideas after San Bernardino and the schools all do the same/similar things.

Ad Hoc Committees

Parent Ed- Inbal Gonen said they sold 140 tickets for the event. The booster president and Inbal thought of doing a Parent Ed once a year that they could all do together so they could afford some of the big speakers. Jake Neuberg will come on January 29 after the assembly about Growth Mindset. That will be in the chronicle and will be promoted after the holidays.

Parent Tours- Parent tours on the site, SUG are up, Jan tour is full. Priority for lottery families is now families in LAUSD boundaries so that is a change. Once we pull the numbers, we have to put them in LAUSD or non-LAUSD piles and take from LAUSD first. We took 15 last year in K and 1st and we took about 230 last year. We are promoting it on our website and everywhere.


Meeting was adjourned at 242. Barbara moved. Steve seconded. Happy Holidays!