Governing Council Mtg Minutes: Oct 15, 2015

2:00pm Meeting called to order by Julie Silliman

2:00-2:05 Sign In, welcome and approval of last month’s minutes. Karen Lucente recommended approval and Susan Hamilburg seconded.

2:05-2:20 Principal’s Report- Nicole Sheard said its challenging with our new system to know exactly how we are doing in terms of attendance. She showed a graph which showed we are at 97.4 attendance which is great. We are off to a good start, better than last year. The revenue lost chart showed we are doing better than last year. This is the first year we can merge all this data to see why certain kids are missing too much school. Transitional K is low in attendance but other areas are strong. Nicole mentioned that independent study is not for vacations. 

Interim Assessments- Nicole said that there are going to be 3 math and 3 language arts assessments. K-2 is written and 3-5 is online, same as Smarter Balanced. Testing coordinator Courtney said we’ll let you know more next week when they start. Teachers cannot even log on yet.

Dreambox (computer program) trial has been going on for a few weeks. Kids are enjoying it. It would replace Gigi. It’s more aligned to Smarter Balanced tests and more geared towards Common Core. It differentiates by the skill level they do on each test.   Mrs. Watson said her kids are playing at home and asking for a place to have scratch paper to work on the problems. Nicole said that if we decide to do the program, there will be a parent letter that goes home so that the kids can use the program at home and it will follow their progress at school.

Nicole said that we had a successful earthquake drill today. She put evaluations/feedback forms in the teachers’ boxes. She said the kids knew exactly what to do. They went on the blacktop instead of the grass. Nicole asked for feedback.  Tamara said she preferred the blacktop because her students were picking grass on the grass. Tamara thanked Julie for motivating people to walk to school for walk to school day. They think approximately 240 or 260 students participated in some way. LADOT supplied a banner and stickers and a parent and her child made posters and that was enough.

2:20-2:30 Booster President Report- Amy Hopper

Amy said Glow was a huge success. We raised more than we anticipated. Final numbers aren’t in but we know it went over our goal. There were some supervision issues and maybe K and 1 didn’t have enough to do but they will work on that for next year. We are waiting for pumpkins to be delivered.

Amy presented a budget chart and said she really wants to work together with GC to regularly coordinate.

Last year we raised 602K.  61.8% was Annual Giving. We spent 90% of what we raised last year on things that went to the students. Amy showed a chart of what we are projecting to spend this year, but it doesn’t include contingencies and raises. It will be online.  Kika will present every month. So far, we have raised 216K, which is 39% of our goal. Pumpkin Patch was going to be changed to more of a community event with inexpensive pumpkins but pumpkin prices are high because of the drought so the prices will still be higher than grocery stores. Amy said that at the Booster meeting they had a great conversation about the banner program. We are focusing on sponsorships right now until the banner program is ready. 

2:30-2:45 Committee Reports Various

Standing Committees

Behavior- Next Friday at the assembly, they will roll out the new incentive program for positive recognition.

Community Service- Sherry Ikebe said that the teachers met, no parents attended. They talked about the food drive and will do the poster contest again. The contest will run 2 weeks, ending on October 29. The food drive will take place November 2-13.

Curriculum- Steve Butts discussed the piloting of a mindfulness program, MindUp, in some of the classrooms. They will be reporting back on effects they see in the children and in the classroom and discuss implementation school wide. 

Digital Learning- Carlos wasn’t there so Nicole said they talked about budget and future hardware expenses.

Landscape and Design- Susan Hamilburg.  She said they discussed adding additional hooks in the classrooms for backpacks, etc.  Room parents may need to get class volunteers to help install them.  They talked about another work day but it won’t be until January, probably.  The majority of the time was spent talking about the banners.  They will be the entry portal to review everything and they recommend time for people to review.   They are going to have a subcommittee and Mike Guttentag will work in liaison with Doug Suisman and LAUSD to make sure we meet all the requirements.   Nicole said it will probably not be implemented until next year.  Susan showed the pictures of the proposed plan for the banners.

Safety-  Shake Drill. Lisa Riddle said it was successful. She said they discussed what everyone needed to do, both students and staff. The meeting next week will discuss how the search and rescue went and what needs to be changed/improved.


Ad Hoc Committees

Personnel - We are back on the search for a nighttime custodian. The one we had fell through. We have scheduled a dozen interviews and only 2 people showed up. It’s a hard search.

Parent Ed- Inbal Gonen discussed the upcoming presentation with Wendy Mogel on November 17. It will be at Pali High. It will be a community event and a fundraiser. We will be selling her books which we are getting at 46% discount so that’s a great deal for us.  Staff tix are $10 and parents are $20. Elissa is creating an eblast that will probably go out tonight. It will go out to Canyon this week and then open to others next week.  We will break even at 250 tix, not including book sales. The capacity is 300+.  Inbal explained that Wendy is a psychologist who wrote two books which explain things like it’s ok to fail and not get frustrated. We have 3-4 potential events scheduled, maybe the first being November 20, which would be about the transition to middle school.

New Business

David Tractenberg said a group of parents got locked in the school last night so he wants the gate fixed asap. Nicole said it has been broken intermittently and LAUSD has been out to fix it but needs to come back. Julie explained about the area on East Channel being congested and asked if it would be possible to get markings that would help the area since they are redoing the street anyways, it may be time to ask for new marking. 

Meeting was adjourned at 242.