Governing Council Mtg Minutes: Jan 28th, 2016

I. Meeting called to order by Tamara Gorman

II. Minutes of the December meeting unanimously approved.

III. Principal Nicole Sheard reported on:

Formation of a Budget Committee comprised of representatives from administration, teachers, classified staff, Booster Club and Governing Council parents. The first meeting was held this week. The budget must be submitted to the District after Spring Break.  Booster is producing monthly budget reports that are a great help to the process.

School Experience Survey is underway and will be completed by all staff, students and student households (one survey per). For the first time, the state will factor in results of the survey when determining our school’s state ranking. API scoring is being replaced by SQII that breaks down scoring:

60% academics

40% social and emotional (school climate)

20% of that will be parent engagement 

and will be taken from the survey results

So the message is that completing the survey is VERY important.

Attendance is up year-to-date compared with last year in terms of lost revenue. Families are making a good effort to get kids to school.

Progress on Entrada lane edge – A district specialist came out and walked the site and will send a formal request to the city’s Dept. of Transportation. He was able to see how dangerously close cars were to the sidewalk when the lane edge is used as a travel lane. 

Complaints continue to come in from neighbors who experience blocked driveways and bad attitudes from parents and caregivers. 

IV. Booster President Amy Hooper reported on:

Pleased about joint Budget Committee and the collaborative nature of that work. Kikka Hanazawa has reviewed 14 years of Booster budget data and is working to streamline the budget and accounting process so ongoing budget management is easier. Annual giving level to-date is good. Events are bringing in more money than in past years.  Working on a Booster Parent Survey to allow parents to understand how money is spent and give feedback for next year’s budget.  Kikka’s charts greatly help this understanding.

V. Standing Committees Reports:

Behavior – no new business to report

Community Service  - Jump Rope for Heart planning underway for Friday, Feb. 12th.  Donation forms going out Monday.  Watch for sign-up genius for volunteers.

Curriculum – no new business to report

Digital Learning – no new business to report

Landscape and Design – Backpack hooks ready for installation by LAUSD staff.  Doug Suisman is continuing to work on the design and costs for sponsorship banners/signage. Committee working on weeding and mulching the native garden and updating the website.

Safety – Need to work on parent/caregiver understanding of location of “Reunion Gate” in cases of emergency.  Not everyone knows that the library gate is that location.


VI. Ad Hoc Committees Report:

Budget – discussed in reports above

Parent Ed – Jake Newberg will speak on Growth Mindset. Committee is open to other topics. A presentation on “understanding Common Core math” was suggested. 


Meeting was adjourned