Governing Council Mtg Minutes: Nov 12th, 2016

Meeting Commencement 2:03PM

I. Principal’s Report

  • November 13, 2016 end of first reporting period
  • Next Weeks Meetings:
  • Book Fair all week 11/16 to 11/20.
  • Street Closures for Resurfacing East Channel on Tuesday 11/17 and Wednesday 11/18 from 8:30AM – 1:30PM.
  • Canyon Communications alert to parents.
  • No negative affects on traffic duty expected.

II. Booster Report

Budget Status Report

  • $546k Budget Goal and we are at 46% year-to-date.
  • We are at 33% participation for Annual Giving.
  • $150k of $330k goal.
  • 138 students of a total 397 students.
  • Ambassadors to continue email campaign to parents.
  • Booster club to follow-up on idea of sending out annual giving envelopes via regular mail.
  • Proven best practice in the past to get increased participation and reminder to parents.

Party Book

  • $68,749 / 125% of goal.

Canyon Wear

  • $7,524 / 188% of goal.

Pumpkin Patch

  • $4,184 / 139% of goal.

III. Behavior Committee

  • Committee held meeting.
  • No new updates.

IV. Community Service Committee

  • Committee held meeting.
  • Exploring Zero Waste Program on Campus
  • Evolution of a “green team.”
  • Create section on Canyon website.
  • Create “green corner” in the Canyon Chronicle.
  • Incorporate into Canyon gear?
  • Exploring new ideas to make community service more relevant for all grades.

V. Curriculum Committee

  • Mind Up
  • 3rd grade parent Gwen setting up staff training for January 26, 2016.

VI. Digital Learning Committee

  • Committee held meeting.
  • Working on new 3-year plan
  • Committee would like to recruit new parents. Need assistance to spread the word to get parents to participate.
  • Create awareness and participation.
  • Committee to follow-up and send out request for assistance.

VII. Landscape and Design Committee

  • Committee held meeting.
  • Hooks are completed for grades 1 and grade 2.
  • Bill LAUSD
  • Working on the removal of ficus tree in parking lot.
  • Working with Booster Club to continue exploring Banner Program.
  • Field Maintenance
  • Meeting with landscape persons on Tuesday 11/17.

VIII. Safety Committee

  • Committee held meeting.
  • Took Inventory in emergency bins.
  • Added chalk to bins.
  • Expired items to be replaced w/ new.
  • Reviewing catalog for additional equipment for disaster kit.

IX. Ad Hoc Committee

No New Updates.

X. Charter Accountability Committee

No New Updates.

XI. Communications Committee

No New Updates.

XII. Outreach Committee

No New Updates.

XIII. Personnel Committee

  • New hire for building and grounds lasted two days and gave notice.
  • Pursuing new hire replacement.
  • Gregg continues to pick up the extra work.
  • Mr. Butts suggested that classrooms receive every other day service and have kids participate to keep classrooms clean.
  • Trash only service daily?
  • Create a green or red sign to let Gregg know if the classroom requires service for the short-term solution?

XIV. Instructional Leadership Committee

No New Updates.

XIV. Parent Education Committee



  • Wendy Mogul at Palisades High
  • November 17th @6:30PM
  • Ticket sales are ½ way to goal.
  • Middle School Panel Discussion
  • Parents and teachers panel.
  • Parent from Revere, Crossroads, Archer, and Wildwood.
  • Issues w/ promoting private schools on panel?