Governing Council Meeting Minutes - August 30, 2018

Canyon Charter School
Governing Council Meeting Minutes
August 30, 2018
2:00 – 3:00pm

Meeting was called to order at 2:00 pm by Lisa Riddle.

Approval of minutes – Dougl Stoll and seconded by Akimi Sujishi-Watson

Principal’s Report – Nicole Sheard

Nicole shared with everyone what Governing Council is. She discussed the committees under the GC and purpose of both.  She shared an organizational chart of the structure of Canyon’s governance. She indicated that she would like to get more parent involvement in Governing Board and Booster club and for parents and teachers to encourage others to come to meetings.

Nicole shared the school goals for the year which included:

Attendance Improvement

Year 2 of Benchmark Reading Program implementation

Attendance is off to a great start compared to last year. Nicole shared charts that show that we are at a 99% rate of 94% of students with perfect attendance. She illustrated how attendance is monitored by grade level each month.  Nicole explained that the office closely looks at attendance every 25 days and anyone that is not meeting attendance goals will be personally notified. The office is calling the home of every child who is absent on a daily basis.

Safety Message – Nicole shared that the safety of students on campus and around school are hertop priority.  She reported that after 3 years of asking for one, a buzzer system is being installed at the front entrance. Once installed, the front door will remain locked at all times and any visitor would need to ring the bell and be buzzed in once they are identified through the monitor.

Booster Club – Leiauna Anderson

  BFFS – Booster Fund for Faculty and Student essentials formerly annual giving taken over by Chad Billmyer.  Website is up. Leiauna explained the importance of BFFS and how it provides over $1800 per student per year for the enrichment classes, instructional aides, etc. that we can offer at Canyon.

  Booster is currently looking into corporate matching/giving and possibility of donating stocks.

  Directory – My School Anywhere – We’re at 100% participation and will launch after Labor Day.  Thanks to Amanda Rosen-Prinz for all her hard work.

  Major events – Party Book is set to launch after Labor Day as is Canyon Gear.

Committee Updates

Behavior – The behavior committee is looking in to increasing the motivation by using our Bee Buck system and possibly adding in some student incentives.  They are also working with teachers to implement 2nd Step and Growth Mindset activities into their classrooms.

Community Service -  Back to school drive donations are up since the deadline extension. We received a great deal of supplies and they will be delivered at the end of he week.

Curriculum – The committee will develop a survey to ask teachers what topics they would be interested in for professional development. Two already on the horizon are:  

Schoology – new grading/reporting system being implemented across LAUSD schools

Small groups – how to effectively use them to differentiate instruction

Digital Learning – Support teachers with math programs and schoology

Landscape and Design - 

Butterfly garden planted

Lending library in front of school stocked

Native plants garden barcodes have been updated

Safety – New parent liaison Leiauna Anderson

Comfort kits will be collected and stored after Labor Day

Committee will be updating red emergency folders that are kept in all classrooms

Ad Hoc Committees

  Budget – Nothing to report

  Charter – Nothing to report

  Communication – Launching My School Anywhere after Labor Day

  Chronicle deadline is Wednesday

  Thank you, Amanda Rosen-Prinz for all your hard work

  Personnel

  Mona Huizar – New coordinator, GATE, Reading Academy Teacher

  April Walker – New Kindergarten teacher

  Kyle – sub night custodian

  All teaching aides hired – first year with all aide positions filled this early in the school year

  New Special Ed Teacher – Taylor Engelking

  Speech Therapist – Michael on Thursdays

New Assistant Principal – Geraldina Barillas

New Nurse on Mondays

Mrs. Hollander  - has moved from being a special education teacher to a 3rd grade teacher

Parent Ed – The committee meets next week.

The first parent ed is scheduled for Sept. 21st at 8:30am “Using Growth Mindset to build & sustain your child’s love of math” presented by Canyon dad Jake Neuberg.

New Business

  UTLA representative - Akimi Sujishi-Watson, shared update on LAUSD strike vote which is set for the end of September.  Parents can call/write local representative to encourage mediation before the vote. Mrs. Watson is willing to have a lunch time meeting to answer parent questions/concerns.  Date to be determined.

Meeting adjourned by Ms. Riddle, Stoll seconded.