Governing Council Meeting Minutes - December 6, 2018

Sign in and Welcome - Ms. Riddle

Approval of last month’s minutes.  Motion made by Mr. Butts and seconded by Ms. Huizar.

Principal’s Report

  • Monthly attendance update.  We’re still doing extremely well.  Down 4.7% for the month for chronic absences.  Last year 291 this year 353 at advanced and proficient level meaning zero absences.  
  • School Experience survey – paper surveys due yesterday 12/5 and online survey has been extended until next Friday 12/14.
  • Holiday Show – Wednesday and Thursday K to 2nd 8:20 – 9am, 3rd to 5th 9:15 – 10 am shows. Every grade performs twice, once each day.
  • Next Friday – fire department can’t come until 10:30 so, assembly will be moved to 10:30. Please remind parents to donate gifts.  
  • Booster Holiday meeting will be at 8:30 am at Alyssa’s house.  
  • 12:55 early dismissal.

Booster President

  • Holiday Party – email went out to booster and GC leadership.  SUG will go out Sunday in weekly chronicle.
  • Pumpkin patch $4800 – biggest pumpkin patch ever.  All teacher pumpkins sold
  • Party Book - $90,000 and will continue to increase
  • Olympics Day – Family sponsorship $4300 corporate was $10000.  Total revenue was $94,300. Profit will be $88,000.
  • BFFS – is a little behind 169, 40% of goal for the year.  There will be a big push for BFFs going forward. Before the new year and before auction another big push for donations.
  • Reminder for toy drive in the google group.
  • Working on getting the amazon link reinstated.
  • 5th grade fundraiser at ICE cancelled because city of Santa Monica doesn’t allow fundraisers anymore.
  • Talent show will be a 5th grade fundraiser.

Committee Reports

Behavior – Nothing new.  Push for B bucks. Friendly 5th graders are out and about.

Community service – collected 105 pair of shoes and doing spark of love toy drive.

Curriculum – nothing new

Digital learning – spoke about budget and will be meeting with booster president and treasurer to discuss future technology needs.

Landscape design – nothing new

Safety – updated first aid kit

Ad hoc Committees

Budget – nothing to report

Charter accountability – nothing to report

Communications – more people have been using MSA and using it successfully.  Very user friendly.

Outreach – nothing to report

Personnel – Currently have three to four aide openings coming up.  Officially one is filled. More interviews next week. Still no nurse.

Instructional leadership – nothing to report

Parent Ed – nothing to report

New business –

We need toys for Spark of Love toy drive.  Especially, need toys for older kids. There is a list that will be posted on the google group.  Please don’t forget the high school age kids. No GCs. No clothing.

Nicole wants to thank everyone.  School ran smoothly in her absence.  Good to be back.

Happy Holidays!

2:20 motion to adjourn by Ms. Riddle. Seconded by Ms. Gorman.