Governing Council Meeting Minutes - January 31, 2019

Sign in and Welcome

Ms. Riddle

Approval of last month’s minutes.  Motion made by Mr. Butts

Principal’s Report

Sense of pride being part of the community during the work stoppage.  Ms. Sheard did her best to make sure school was up and running while still supporting teachers.  Unfortunate we had to go through the work stoppage, but our community is stronger than ever. Thank you for all the support.

First school tour today with a good turnout.  Six groups instead of 5 10-15 per group. Tours focused on Kindergarten through 2nd, science and star.  In the past had included grades 3 4 and 5 but this time lower grade focus.  Student 5th council reps from Mrs. Watson go with tours.

Kids Heart Challenge – February 15.  Tomorrow there will be an assembly. Last year we raised just under 18k for American heart association.  This year’s goal is 18k. Spread the word get at least 200 participants to register online.

100th day of school next Tuesday.  End of reporting period February 22.  Report cards and conferences after that.

Booster President

Fiesta and Auction looking for committee volunteers

Olympics day $93,700

Party Book $83,00

Canyon gear $3978 – doing another push Canyon 125

Pumpkin Patch near budget

Canyon partners – banners will be sold in April

Committee Reports

Behavior – Kids excited to be back in school.  Survey on how second step is going.

Community service – Kids heart challenge.  Talking about the crayon collection. Talk at next assembly to remind families about crayon collection.  Also boxes in teacher classes to collect as well.

Curriculum – How to make sure we pace ourselves after work stoppage.  Not worried about it but revaluating our next grade level and have long range plan.

Digital learning – rescheduled meeting with committee

Landscape design – nothing new, Free agave’s that Carly is going to plant.  14 new plants to plant.

Safety – lock down drill on Wednesday February 13.  Classroom safety inspection on February 14. John aply inspection.

Ad hoc Committees

Budget – meeting of 2/14 to talk about budget.  Talking with booster to talk about what we need.

Charter accountability – charter sight visit.  Waiting to hear who our charter oversight person is.

Communications –

Outreach – Tour.  3 more on the calendar

Personnel – Hired three new aides before break.  Starting after break. Two are former canyon alums.  Interviewing more today. Will have two aide openings for 4th grade.  Vacant campus aide (another position similar to Darian’s).  Haven’t found anyone yet. Have 200 resumes and set up interviews.

Instructional leadership – nothing new

Parent Ed – nothing new

Questions from parents - Charter oversight because we are affiliated with LAUSD is a compliance check

Budget side, the revenue is LAUSD what are they doing for the gap period.  Nicole – we don’t have an answer. The district is excusing absences, but we don’t get money for those days.  Even though ADA is a certain amount per day per student we don’t see much of that money. $68 per day per student.  That’s the amount the state pays LAUSD, doesn’t necessarily go to our school. Is there any update from the state to approve the fiscal?  The state hasn’t put anything out about that. Hoping for more transparency. With the contract no one has rollover so everything that is allocated for our school stays at the school.

Mrs. Watson – thank you to the teachers for standing out and being strong.  We know how blessed we are to be teaching here and thanks for making sure we have everything we need for our classes and children.  Thanks to all the parents for support and going to the board. Impressed by the community support. Thank you, Mrs. Watson, for being our fearless leader.

New business –

2:23 adjourn Ms. Watson, Mr. Velado