Governing Council Meeting Minutes - October 25, 2018

Sign in and Welcome

Mrs. Riddle

Approval of last month’s minutes. Motion made by Ms. Huizar and Ms. Hollander seconded. All approved.

Principal’s Report

Student Council - No attendance update.  Attendance is monitored closely every 25 days.  Tomorrow is 50th day of school. Student council is going well.  Every week classes have been watching videos then voting online.

Presidential candidates are listening to president’s speeches.  Kinder is not participating.

Announce officers for the next year on Friday.  Total number of candidates is 52 for five positions.

Mr. Stoll, Ms. Pfua and Nicole to them about being brave and winners for participating and trying prior to the election announcement.

Mr. Stoll wants to thank Mr. Veero and Mr. Velado for the tech services for making speeches and for the voting going smoothly.

Earthquake Drill - Last week we participated in the great shake drill.  Every year the drill gets smoother. They simulate events like shaking, getting lost and being left in library.  Search and rescue teams find all the victims and put out fires and shut down gas lines. Feedback: this was smoothest its been.  New things in place for this year that made everything run smoothly. Incident command center. Overall went really well. We have the resources to keep kids safe and comfortable.

Almost at the end of the first reporting period.  Parent teacher conferences will be after Thanksgiving.  Longer this year with holidays and Olympics day.

Booster President

Pumpkin patch is on.  Pumpkins for sale, bake sale, pumpkin decorating.

Party Book – netted $56,000 last year.  Currently we’re at $88,000 net for the year.  

There are still PartyBook parties to be sold we expect that figure to go up.

Olympics day – lots of kids signed up on classy for individual pages.  Lots of donations before the launch of fundraising. Stated goal is 60k we’re at 45K.  No Olympian announced yet.

BFFS last year end of October 120K now we’re at 134K.  Part of it is the ease of donating on classy. And now a recommended ask of what we need per student.

Committee Reports

Behavior –Push the bee bucks.  Nicole funding monthly parities for classes who earn most bee bucks.

Community service – athletic shoe drive. Room parents send out email.  Gently used athletic shoes. Drive will be 12/3-12/14 and will benefit the More Foundation.

Curriculum – met with digital learning and mapped out what each grade level is doing and looked at research standards.

Digital learning – discussing what each grade level does.  Online safety and helping teachers

Landscape design – spring east channel project.  Beautify area and landscape. Carly Geffin is on the committee  and she’s a landscape designer. Lei and Elissa have met to see if we have funds for that.  Looks professional. Tours are coming up so we want to clean up the area before January.

Safety – updating and improving our earthquake drill. Committee will be distributing updated supplies into First Aid box.

Ad hoc Committees

Budget – no report

Charter accountability – no report

Communications – my school anywhere, room parents are using it more often.  Encourage people to use it more. Everyone has signed up and everyone has a log in.  Can a teacher us MSA to use it for their entire class? Yes. Can a teacher do texts? – yes.  Room parents can text.

Get more people to use it

Outreach – tours start in January.  Sign ups already up on website

Personnel – we don’t have a nurse and might not have one for the year.  In the mean time we get the nurse from UNI who is rotating between palisades school once a month.  Office is working over time to make sure kids are getting what they need. Medications, vaccines,

Instructional leadership – no report

Parent Ed – discussion about different topics.  Christina Stein wants to talk about puberty and development.  How to talk to you kids. Internet safety, and child safety. In the horizon no scheduled dates.

New business

Thank you Mr. Veero for doing Unity week.  Kindness, unity and anti-bullying. Every grade gets to adapt different activities for their class.  Great board outside the office. Kids put their ideas on board. It’s been a great unity week.

2:26 adjourn Ms. Hollander, Katje second.