Spring Showers Bring Budget Flowers


Welcome to the new Booster Blog and Happy Spring Forward Day, hopefully you’ve all set your clocks and ready for Spring! The Booster Club is! Fiesta and Auction are around the corner and Olympics Day will be fast on it’s heels, but currently we are working on NEXT FALL!

The Budget Committee, a collaboration between members of Booster Club, Governing Council, Staff Leadership and Administration, is working on the 2016-17 budget. Which is why getting your Annual Giving donation in ASAP is significant to our planning and budgeting. (Add link to store)

Additionally, this is an important time to share your thoughts on how Booster Club spends the money that our community so generously donates. I ask that every parent or guardian thoughtfully complete this short, but vital survey.


Lastly, we just completed the last of the Perspective Family Tours for this school year, and every time I walk the campus with hopeful parents, and pointing out what makes Canyon wonderful and unique, I’m reminded of how vital Booster’s funding is to this wonderful school. I urge you to take some time, walk the campus with your child, and ask them what they love most about Canyon. I’ll bet it something that your time, energy and money supported. Well spent, I might add! All that red is your gifts to Canyon at work!

Your friend,
Amy Hopper
Booster Club President, 2015-2016