Nicole's Note: Feb 22nd

Canyon Charter School excels in almost every way – except attendance.

Our numbers of chronically absent students is much higher than the District norm, and for what we would expect of our high achieving and dedicated students.

On the latest metric used to rate schools, we achieved a 10 out of 10 in every area except attendance. This negatively impacts the “social emotional” component of the report and our overall school rating.
Next month I will be awarding students with perfect attendance. 

Students who have had perfect attendance for the first two reporting periods will receive a special recognition of their accomplishment.
With spring break only about a month away, let’s try to do our vacationing during one of the many days off on our calendar.

The 2016-2017 instructional calendar has been released here, so with such advance notice of school holidays, you should be able to effectively work around them.
If you have other questions about attendance, feel free to ask me, our office staff, or our attendance counselor Dana.
Thank you for making daily attendance a top priority for your family!

Nicole Sheard, Principal
Canyon Charter School
(310) 454-7510