Nicole's Note: Feb 15th

Canyon’s Heart Heroes!

I am so proud of our students for their participation in our 2nd annual Jump Rope for Heart event.  

We kicked off the event with Mrs. Cook leading former jump rope students in a special presentation for us.  

We were all blown away by their abilities and tricks! At the sound of the airhorn, students hustled off to the first of their seven stations.

Coach Joey planned and set up 7 different “jumping” events which the students rotated through.  From the obstacle course, to hurdles, helicopter, hopscotch, double dutch and more, fun was had by all!  

It was great to have so many parent volunteers helping out with the activities, water stations, first aid, photography and more. 

Having our Friendly Fifth Graders (FFG) was instrumental, as they assisted with the events and helped to make sure that all of our younger students had a blast at each activity.  

As the upbeat music died down, we reassembled to hear a few words from a representative from the American Heart Association. She was pleasantly surprised to learn that Canyon students had raised $4,711 towards the American Heart Association!  

She spoke to the students about where this money goes and how their contributions will help kids with sick hearts. She also talked to the students about the importance of taking care of our bodies and to being physically active.

The day ended with everyone feeling good about not only having a blast at this event, but also for raising money for a good cause and for doing our part to keep our own hearts strong and healthy!

From my healthy heart, to yours, I hope everyone had a happy Valentine’s Day and a wonderful 3 day weekend!

With gratitude,