Nicole's Note: Jan 18th

The Struggle is Real!

You may have noticed the math display outside of the main office in December. The students in Mr. Stoll’s 5th grade class are learning some very valuable lessons. One of the most important life-long lessons they are learning is that it is ok to make mistakes and to struggle through challenges. After all, isn’t that how we grow? We may think of our kids struggling when they do things such as learning to swim or ride a bike. We know they have to practice, try and try again. They may falter, but we hope they will get up and try again. We need to apply this same theory to school work, which is exactly the valuable lesson you can see here.

Take this excerpt from a NY Times article:

“Think back to when your toddler learned to walk. She would take a weaving step or two, collapse and immediately look to you for your reaction. You were in thrall to those early attempts and would do everything possible to encourage her to get up again. You certainly didn’t chastise her for failing or utter dire predictions about flipping burgers for the rest of her life if she fell again. You were present, alert and available to guide if necessary. But you didn’t pick her up every time.”