Nicole's Note: Sep 20th

Over the past few weeks we have had a lot of firsts.  The first committee meetings of the year. The first Governing Council meeting. The first night time Booster meeting. What I was reminded of at each of these was the incredible parent dedication and involvement at Canyon. It was great to see so many active parents pitching in where they can, sharing ideas for future projects, etc. I also appreciated that many of our new families are so eager to get involved, but just aren’t too sure how to go about doing it. All of the different groups and committees can be difficulty to navigate. Here’s a flow chart that hopefully will be found helpful:

Joining a standing committee is a great place to start!   Committee meetings are held monthly and are made up of parents and teachers. I’ve included a description for each committee in order for parents to determine what would best meet their needs and/or interests.

Behavior - ensures the safety of all students in a variety of settings, both on the playground and in the classroom. 

Community Service - develops projects that seek to foster an understanding and positive connection between Canyon students and the local and global community. 

Curriculum - oversees curriculum recommended texts and professional development.

Landscape and Design - oversees projects intended to improved the physical school campus and its grounds.

Safety - promotes safety throughout the campus and facilitates preparedness in the event of an emergency. 

Digital Learning - shapes acquisition and use of technology on campus.

*All committee meeting dates are listed on the school website calendar.

At Canyon, we welcome and encourage all stakeholders to get involved in any way they are able to.   If you have specific ideas that you want to present, or just want to listen in for a year, or just aren’t really sure where to start, just ask!  Ask a fellow parent, ask a Governing Council Rep, a teacher or me!  Your involvement in all things Canyon is always welcome!  Thank you for being a part of such an exceptional school community!