Nicole's Note: Oct 18th

This week students from 1st through 5th Grade voted for the 2015-2016 Student Council Officers. Students cast their votes for each officer after watching all of the candidate’s campaign speeches via video (with the exception of president candidates who presented live during an all school assembly on Friday).

A total of 49 candidates contended for 5 office positions! 

Congrats to the newly elected 2015-2016 Canyon Charter School Student Council Officers:

President:            Shaya Keyvanfar
Vice President:    Giacomo  Chapman
Secretary:            Keaton Davis
Treasurer:             Dara Imankhan
Historian:             Corbin Berghoff

These candidates, along with the elected classroom representatives, will have the opportunity to experience leadership at Canyon Charter School. The role of student council is to foster school spirit, raise funds to benefit the school or beyond, and aid our community.
Congratulations to all of our candidates who ran for office.  We should all be proud of the courage displayed by our students as they campaigned for just 5 positions.  We hope that all of our candidates will continue to use their voices and to share their great ideas for Canyon with the Student Council officers and reps.
Thank you Mr. Stoll for all of your hard work as this year’s Student Council Advisor!