Nicole's Note: Oct 25th

Red Shirt Wednesday!

This week, Canyon Charter will be taking part in a week long, nation-wide program called Red Ribbon Week.  Red Ribbon Week was designed to create an awareness concerning the problems related to the use of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.  This year's theme, "Respect Yourself. Be Drug Free.™", created by a middle school student in Ohio, is a wonderful, positive message to share with your family.

Red Ribbon Week started in 1985 as a means of honoring DEA agent Enrique Camarena, who lost his life in the line of duty.  Enrique (Kiki) Camarena’s death created a worldwide rallying cry against drug abuse. Today Red Ribbon Week has grown into a national observance as a time for schools and communities across the nation to come together in the fight against drugs.

This week at Canyon, teachers will focus on the many aspects of health and safety (in an age and subject appropriate manner of course!)   Students will take the “Red Ribbon Pledge” and will complete activities on making good choices.  Red ribbons will be tied around the school as a symbol of our red ribbon pride and awareness.  You can also take advantage of this time to open a dialogue at home and discuss issues like peer pressure and making healthy and safe choices.

On Wednesday, have your child(ren) wear a red shirt to show their commitment to leading a drug free, healthy lifestyle. To commemorate Red Ribbon Week and celebrate a drug-free life Canyon will be  hosting an awe-inspiring “Perfection on Wheels” BMX stunt show assembly for the students at 1:45 (Kinder students are welcome to attend with parent/guardian supervision).

We will show our school’s support for Red Ribbon Week while providing a thrill-filled and highly educational event that will bring once-in-a-lifetime excitement to the students. Best of all, the fantastic BMX athletes who participate in the event will leave a lasting, positive impression on each and every young person in attendance by charismatically reinforcing the message of smart choices, healthy fun, and the rewarding satisfaction of a drug-free life lived in service to others.

At home, we encourage you to use Red Ribbon Week as an opportunity to continue talking to your kids about drugs. Explain how drugs can interfere with the way our bodies work and can make a person very sick or even cause them to die before they are supposed to. Praise your children for taking good care of their bodies and avoiding things that may harm them. Modeling healthy behavior is very powerful. Our kids look to us as their role models so it’s imperative that show them and give them the tools to lead a healthy and safe lifestyle.

Have a great week!