Nicole's Note: Nov 8th

As Veterans Day approaches, we hope you will help your children connect with the brave service members of our present and past. We can all better value the freedoms we have because of the men and women who have served in defense of our nation.

Last week, our 5th grade students were visited by members of the American Legion of Pacific Palisades. Palisades Post 283 which was established on May 15, 1928 when a committee of five World War I veterans formed to prepare plans for organizing a local American Legion Post. Throughout its 75 year history Post 283 has continually participated in community improvements projects, youth programs and a strong Veteran service program.

Although many of our kids see Veterans Day as just a day off of school, we wanted to make sure that they know and understand the reasons behind it. There are nearly 24 million Veterans living among us, in every state and territory and from every walk of life. Many of the students in our classes may be the son, daughter, cousin, or relative of a Veteran or current service member. By engaging in discussion about these crucial
members of our society, our students will be able to hear from and about those who helped shape American history. Our hope is that students will be encouraged to learn more of these often unheard stories from those close to them. Inviting local Veterans makes it more exciting and meaningful for students. Students tend to better understand and absorb the significance of Veterans Day when they can attach a human face to it.

The Veterans who visited our students shared their stories of serving in the various branches of the military. They talked about their duties from peeling potatoes to providing medical and legal support. There was a great emphasis on the importance of being in school. Personal stories were shared about how their education positively impacted their ability to serve for their country. One of the gentlemen shared that “a good education will open up a lot of great opportunities for you that wouldn’t be open without an education.”

The visit ended with a few “boot camp drills” in which students learned how to stand at attention, stand at ease and how to properly salute those who have served.

We graciously thanked the American Legion members for visiting us and thanked them not only for their service for their country, but for their support of their community and of Canyon as well!

While those who died are remembered on Veterans Day, which is observed on November 11, Veterans Day is intended to thank and honor all those who served honorably in the military - in wartime or peacetime. We hope that you not only enjoy the day off on Wednesday, but that you also take some time to discuss the importance of this holiday with your child(ren) and to maybe even learn more about local heroes in their own lives.