Nicole's Note: Mar 13th

One of the great benefits of being a charter school is that we have discretion over our budget and how we allocate our funds (district and booster). This is a collaborative process that involves all stakeholders. We want to make sure that we are making sound decisions that are in the best interests of our students. 
Each year, we look at our current programs and personnel, and prioritize them in order of importance. This is where we need your help and your voice. What do you think is important? What programs or personnel do you value at Canyon? Our students are so fortunate to be provided with programs that are not offered in typical district schools. It is all in thanks to our families and sponsors that our children are provided such exceptional opportunities. You make this happen, so we want to know what you feel is important in regards to your child’s education and enrichment opportunities at Canyon.  
Included in this week’s Chronicle is a link to a survey where you can express your level of interest for the current programs/personnel as well as make any suggestions for future programming at Canyon. Over the next month, the information obtained from parents, teachers and school staff will help us to develop our budget and our programs for the 2016-2017 school year. Your voice is important in making these decisions.
Please take just a few moments of your time this week to complete the survey and to provide us with any information that you would like the budget committee to discuss or consider. It takes a village for Canyon to be the exceptional school that it is, and you are an integral member in making the decisions that have a direct impact on our students. 
Thank you for your time in taking this important survey!