Nicole's Note: April 3rd

I’m sure you know that one of our favorite events of the year, Fiesta, is right around the corner. What you may not realize is that this event is put on by the Canyon School community for the community. That means it is up to us to make it successful. That success is what helps to fund the programs and people that make Canyon such a special place. 

So, please take a moment to think about your part in making this event successful. Can you donate an Auction item? Can you work a volunteer shift (the entire day is hosted by parent volunteers)? Can you offer a Fiesta family sponsorship? Every little bit helps and it makes the day even that much more fun when you join in and cook a casserole, enter a pot of chili or a decorated cake in the contests, or make Bring-A-Thing boxes. If you aren’t sure how you can help, please contact Beth Price at

When this event is a success, Auction and Fiesta combined make around $90,000 of our budget! The hard truth is, if we don't hit this goal, enrichment programs like art, music, PE, science, digital learning, classroom aides, and so much more, could be at risk. Let’s all do our part to be able to continue offering our kids the best possible, well-rounded education at Canyon. They deserve only the best! 

Thank you for being a part of this exceptional community. I know that together we are going to put on an amazing event for all to enjoy!

See you at Fiesta!