Nicole's Note: April 24th

Smarter Balanced Testing is Here! 

At Canyon Charter School our focus is on graduating all students college-prepared and career-ready. To help achieve that goal, California is one of many states that transitioned to new assessments called the Smarter Balanced Assessments last school year. In the first year of implementation, our students rocked the test, making us the number one school in LAUSD! As our partner in your child’s education, we want to keep you informed about the changes we are making to help prepare our students for their future.

The Smarter Balanced Assessments are new, next-generation assessments that will measure the full understanding of the Common Core State Standards in math and English language arts/literacy and science (5th grade only).

All students in grades 3-5 will take the new assessments during the following testing windows:

Grades 4 – Language Arts & Math (April 25-29)

Grade 5 – Science (April 27)

Grades 3 & 5 - Language Arts & Math (May 2-6)

Students will take the assessments on an LAUSD-provided electronic device, allowing students to use 21st century tools to build their technology skills. The assessments will include more complex “performance tasks,” as well as the more traditional multiple-choice items. The assessments will be given using “computer adaptive testing,” which means that the test adjusts to a student’s ability by basing the difficulty of future questions on the student’s previous answers.

Please help your child(ren) to be as prepared as possible for their tests. Ensure that they get a good night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast. It is important to avoid absences during the week that they are testing. Make up tests are logistically challenging as both a credentialed teacher and proctor have to be pulled from a classroom to administer the tests. Our students have been practicing for these tests all year long as part of their daily curriculum. They are well prepared and we know that they will once again excel!

Throughout LAUSD, and especially at Canyon, we believe that a high-quality education rooted in 21st century knowledge and skills is a basic right for all students. The results of these new assessments will be just another way for us to show off the exceptional progress and achievement of Canyon students.