Nicole's Note: May 1st

A heartfelt thanks….They say that employees are the heart of any business.   I can personally vouch for the amount of passion that our employees give to Canyon on a daily basis. I am continuously impressed by the faculty and staff of Canyon and their enthusiasm and passion in doing their part to providing the best possible environment for our students as well as their families. From designing rigorous, yet exciting lessons, to ensuring the safety on the playground, to helping with campus beautification, communicating openly with families, being invested in the well being of the whole child, and so much, every member of our team is 100% dedicated to making Canyon the best it can be.

Although this upcoming week is the official Teacher and Staff appreciation week, I think it’s important to remember to show our appreciation all year long. It’s the little things like positive notes, a cup of coffee, even a pat on the back, that go a long way. I feel so fortunate to work with such a devoted and passionate group of individuals. It’s what helps to make Canyon, Canyon! Please join me this week is showering our faculty and staff with the love and appreciation that they so deserve. I have so much gratitude for every person and what they bring to Canyon every day.

Thank you to an awesome group of people who make Canyon such a positive place and who make me love my job more every day!