Nicole's Note: May 15th

Robots have come to Canyon!

Thanks to a fully funded project and a matching donation from a generous Canyon parent, our fifth graders in Mrs. Watson’s class get to experience a fun, hands-on learning experience using real robots.

“Dash & Dot” are characters that ignite curiosity and confidence while providing fun ways of learning the essential skills of collaboration, communication, and digital literacy.

By bringing “Dash & Dot” robots to Canyon, under the direction of Mr. Velado, our students have the opportunity to learn through play. Combining a real robot with coding fires up a child’s imagination, inspires dreams, and builds confidence.

With robotics, coding becomes the language of play. After all, coding is the modern day superpower! By introducing our students to coding, they are asked to think differently and to understand how things around us work. This ultimately gives them the power to create and succeed in a digital world.

Mrs. Watson’s 5th graders have joined together with teams from around the world and their Dash & Dot robots will face off to overcome obstacles, solve coding challenges, and have a blast while they're at it. 

The provided curriculum is aligned to Common Core and NGSS standards designed for teachers by teachers. It covers math, science, ELA, coding and more.

I can’t wait to see the lessons progress as the students teach the robots to respond to voice, navigate objects, dance, sing and more! It was so fun to see students working collaboratively and using technology to be creative and innovative, all the while using critical thinking and problem solving skills. 

Thank you Mr. Velado and Mrs. Watson for bringing this innovative and exciting curriculum to Canyon, while teaching our students how to be responsible and resourceful digital citizens! I am looking forward to the future of Dash & Dot at Canyon!