Nicole's Note: Dec 13th

Update on Safety Procedures
Dear Parents,
The safety procedures on our campus are constantly changing and improving. We get great feedback and ideas at our monthly safety meetings that we are able to explore and often put into practice. Below are a few new changes and several reminders for you and your child(ren). Since dismissal is one of the least structured times of the day, the changes and guidelines below will help to ensure that all students are accounted for and that all students are in a well-protected environment. Please work with us to make sure that we can continue to be safe and secure campus for our beloved students!
As of Monday, the breezeway gate will no longer be opened during dismissal time. You will need to enter campus through the East Channel gate, Library gate or main office.  
The library gate and E. Channel gate will open 5 minutes before dismissal and will remain open for 20 minutes after dismissal.  
If you are picking up from Room 1 at 1:30, you will need to enter through the main office. The breezeway gate will no longer be opened.
Please remember that any time you visit campus before dismissal, you must enter through the main office and sign in and out. You must also wear a visitor sticker or volunteer badge at all times while on campus.
Please remind your child(ren) of where they are to go after school. We need to avoid having any students on campus who are not in a supervised area.
After School Options:
Library Gate – Students must wait by the library. If a parent is not there within 15 minutes, the child(ren) will need to check in with Beyond the Bell (Coach C). You must have an application on file with the Coach.

Beyond the Bell/Youth Services – Students meet at the lunch tables and sign in. This is a free supervision service for students in grades 2-5. Students must stay in the assigned area(s) and must have an application on file with Coach C.
STAR – Students are delivered or report to STAR immediately after school. They must be signed in by a STAR staff member and signed out by a parent/guardian.
These are the ONLY options for after school. At no time should students be wandering around campus or in areas that supervision is not provided. Please help us out by reminding your child(ren) of this important safety policy.
Canyon is a very safe campus with so many adults looking out for the well being of our students. Thank you for being a part of this community and for making this a top concern of yours as well!
Nicole Sheard