Nicole's Note: Jan 24th

Survey Says…
Dear Parents,

I am writing to ask you to take 5 minutes to complete a very important survey. For your convenience, the survey can be taken online or in paper form. Computers are available at school if needed.

The Canyon School community is always looking for ways to improve the teaching and learning experiences for our students.

Because we know that parent engagement is key to academic achievement, it is important that we listen to our families about issues that may impact student success. We have a wonderful opportunity to do just that by participating in the annual LAUSD School Experience Survey.

Developed with input from parents, teachers, unions, and community-based organizations, the School Experience Survey documents the perceptions of parents, staff, and grade 3-12 students about their experiences at their school.  

The feedback we receive will allow us to operate on a cycle of continuous improvement by maintaining what is working and resolving what is not. Equally important, it will also tell us how we are doing in creating a sense of belonging on our campus. Finally, the results will be used in the annual School Report Card issued for each campus and in the District’s Local Control and Accountability Plan.

Because of the importance of this survey, I ask that you actively participate in the completion of this survey. Students in grades 3-5 and all staff members will also take the survey, maximizing the participation in our school community.

Communication and collaboration are central to my administration, and the School Experience Survey is the perfect place to start. Parent surveys may be completed online at You will receive a paper survey in your child’s backpack this week.

The ten digit parent code numbers are found on the top right of the parent cover letter. I greatly appreciate all of our families taking a few minutes out of your day to provide us with some valuable feedback.

Thank you for all that you do every day to support our students!