A Big Thank You...

Please join me in sending a heartfelt thanks to our amazing Gardening Guys (and their team). Sadly this will be the last year of their program at Canyon. I know it was a hard decision for them, but they are all making, or have made, some changes in their personal and professional lives and are no longer able to dedicate the countless hours each week to Canyon. The gardening program became an important part of their (and our) lives over the past several years.

Each member of the Gardening Guys team came with a true passion. Sean got to share his love of food. Jerry got to do his writing and doodles, Tony was there with his great cooking skills and Jessica got to stay up late, doing the thankless work of putting the classes and curriculum together. Maria, Consuelo, Sandy, Natalie, Hex, and a host of other parent volunteers through the years were all part of the program. It was the meeting of these resources and skills that made the program such a great success.

We have loved the gardening program and what the students have learned by participating in it. Students were exposed to so many aspects of gardening, nutrition, cooking and so much more. We have grown to appreciate what this program has brought for our students. We are currently researching similar programs so that we can continue on the path of knowledge that has already been established. Although the Gardening Guys won’t be a regular fixture on campus each week, we will continue to consult with them in an effort to streamline the program and maintain great agricultural opportunities at Canyon in future years.

Our gardening program grew out of a labor of love, and the Gardening Guys want to express their gratitude to the teachers, students and parents whom have shown so much support towards them. They recognize that it could not have grown into what it was without all of the help that they received. We in turn, feel truly grateful for the time, energy, passion, commitment, money and every other skill that they have shared with the students of Canyon. We have been blessed to have such a dedicated group of individuals and we will miss having both them and their program as part of the Canyon curriculum.