Annual School Experience Survey

Each year I ask ALL of our families to participate in the annual School Experience Survey (SES).

This is a very important survey administered to all LAUSD schools. The survey reports give each school important insight into what staff, students and parents think about their school's learning environment. Developed with input from parents, teachers, unions, and community- based organizations, the SES documents the perceptions of parents, staff, and grade 4-12 students about their experiences at their schools.

The School Experience Survey is a tool that focuses on student social and emotional learning growth, school climate, opportunities to learn, and parent involvement. Survey administration will take place between October 30 and November 17, 2017.

This year, to reduce the amount of time required to complete School Experience Surveys and to reduce respondent fatigue, the parent and student surveys have fewer items than in past years.

On Monday surveys will come home with your child (or the oldest sibling). Parents can complete paper surveys with the option to complete surveys online. Any parent who opts to complete survey online should go to and input the 10-digit parent code found on the top right corner of your parent letter.

We are aiming for 100% of our families to complete this survey! The results provide us with valuable information about our school. Please take a couple of minutes to share your experience of Canyon. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and helps us strive to make Canyon the best possible environment for our student, staff and families.

Thank you for your participation!