Be a Heart Hero!

Even though February is the shortest
 month of the year, it’s filled with all
 sorts of holidays and observances—
Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, President's
 Day, and more. And of course February is 
American Heart Month. What a great time to make
small changes that can lead to a lifetime of heart health.

Tomorrow you will receive information about our upcoming 3rd annual Jump Rope for Heart Event which will take place on Friday, February 17th. We are asking for our students to help raise a minimum of $10 each for this great cause. Each student will receive two lion stickers. They can return each lion with $5 each (cash or checks to the American Heart Association) or they can fundraise online by joining my team at Last year we raised over $4,700 in donations! Please help us reach this year’s goal of $5,000!

Students and parents can spend just a few minutes raising money for our Jump Rope For Heart event and make the same impact as they would by spending hours on the phone or with in-person requests. With the online donation tool, supporters can give donations in the same amount of time it takes them to sign up for a new email address or update a Facebook status. Students can ask their family and friends to make a donation to the American Heart Association.

Setting a fundraising goal with your child(ren) and setting up a fundraising page is a great way to get your child involved in saving lives! Also…

It’s safe! The website is secure and protected. Student and donor information is not given out to any third parties. Plus, students don’t need to handle any checks or cash because donations are made online.

It saves time! Raising money online makes the money-counting experience faster and easier for you! Instead of collecting cash and checks to sort through, students print their online Gift History Report, which states how much money they raised, and enclose that in their collection envelopes. Plus, donors who make their contributions online are automatically emailed a donation receipt.

It’s easy! It takes just a few simple clicks for students to join their school’s online team (which has already been set up for you by the American Heart Association). After joining, students will have fun personalizing web pages by uploading their photo and more!

It’s fun! Students are able to see how they are progressing toward their personal fundraising goals, and they can also see how their school is progressing toward the team goal.

It saves lives! Students can select email templates that include lifesaving information, including warning signs for heart attack and stroke, to educate family and friends.

This is one of my favorite events of the year for so many reasons. Our students are learning the importance of taking care of their hearts, they are helping to raise money for a great cause, and it’s fun! I hope you will join my team and Go Wild For Heart Health and Help us Build the 2017 Canyon Heart Wall!